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Process by which an organizaiton allocates people and resources to tasks and establishes the authority relationships that allow the organization to achieve its goals. How things are divide up.
Organizational Role
Set of task-related behaviors requried of a person by his or her position in an organization.
Power to hold people accountable for their actions and to make decisions concerning the use of resources.
The abiltiy to coordinate and motivate people to work in an organizations's interests.
Subunit composed of a group of people who possess similar skills and knowledge to perform their jobs
A subunit that consists of a collection of functions that are related to a particular good or service
Horizontal differentiation
Refers to the way an organziation groups tasks into roles and roles into subunits.
Vertical differentiation
Refers to the way an organization designs its hierarchy of authority (reporting relationships)
Subunit orientation
Refers to the tendency to view one's role in the organization strictly from the persepctive of the time frame, goals and orientation of one's subunit.
Used to pull things back together. Process of coordinating various tasks, runctions nad divisions so that they work together and not against each other.
Highyly centralized
when managers at the top of the hierarchy retain the authority to make important decisions.
Highly decentralized
When managers at all levels are allowed to make decisions regarding resources & new project.
conformity to specific models or examples
Mutual adjustment
Process of allowing people to use their judgement rather than standardized rules to address a problem
Mechanistic & organic
designed to induce people to behave in perdictable ways. o- structures promote flexibility so people initiate chnage and can adapt quickly to changing conditions