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At the beginning of the Roman Republic, who had the power? Who didn’t?

At the beginning of the Roman Republic the patricians had the power and the plebeians didn’t.

Roman Society was made up mostly of what group?

Roman Society was mostly made up of the group plebeians.

Why did the plebeians leave Rome in 494 B.C.E.?

The plebeians left Rome in 494 B.C.E. to make a statement about them not having any rights, and to get some political rights.

Describe the balance of power in 287 B.C.E. between the patricians and the plebeians?

The balance of power in 287 B.C.E. between the patricians and the plebeians was equal.


A form of government with elected leaders


One of the common people; in the Roman Republic, a person who had no say in government


In the Roman Republic, a rich man who held power


A group of 300 men elected to govern Rome in the Roman Republic

Constitution (also known as the "12 tables")

A set of basic written laws