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Describe Simple squamous epithelium
Single layer of flat cells that resembles a tile floor when looked at from the apical view, centrally located nucleus that is flattened and oval or sperical shaped
Where do you find simple squamous epithilium?
Lines the cardiovascular and lympatic system. If it forms the serous membrane of peritoneum, pleura or pericardium then it is called mesothelium. Found in air sacs of lungs, Endothelium of the heart and blood vessels. Inner surface of eardrum
What is the function of simple squamous epithelium?
Located at sites of filtration, diffusion, and secretion.
What is the descripton of simple cubodial epithelium
single layer of cube shaped cells, round centrally located nucleus. B/W lumen and connective tissue.
What is the location of simple cuboidal epithelium?
Surface of ovary, kidney tubules, secretory portion of some glands,lens/retina of eye
what is the function of cuboidal epithelium?
secretion and absorption
what is the description of simple columnar epithelium?
single layer of column like cells w/ oval nuclei near base of cells. May contain goblet cells
Where does simple columnar epithelium occur?
GI tract (noncilitated)
Gallbladder (nonciliated)
Bronchioles (ciliated)
uterined tubes (ciliated)
central canal of spinal cord (ciliated)
ventricals of brain (ciliated)
what is the function of simple columnar epithelium?
secrection and absorption. Secreted mucous serves as lubricant
what is the specific function of ciliated simple columnar epithelium?
cilia beat in unison, moving mucous and any foreign partilces toward the throat, where they can be coughed up and swallowed or spit out.
What does pseudostratifed nonciliated epithelium not have that pseudo ciliated have?
goblet cells
where is pseudostratified epithilium located?
lines the airways of most of the upperespitory tract; nonciliated lines larger ducts of glands, epididymis, urethra
what is the function of stratified squamous epithelium?
protection against abrasion, water loss, uv radiation, foreign invasion.
Where is stratified squamous epithelium found?
superficail layers of skin, nonkeratinized lines wet surfaces. Lining of mouth esophogus.
what is the location of stratified cuboidal epithelium?
glands and urethra
what is the function of stratified cubodial epithelium?
protection and limited secretion and absorption
what is the location of stratified columnar epi?
Lines urethra, ducts,
what is the function of strat. coloumnar epi?
protection and secretion
where is transional epi found?
lines urinary bladder, ureters and urethra.
what is the function of transitional epi?
allows orangs to stretch, and hold fluid and protects.
what is the location of areoloar?
SubQ, papillary region of dermis, around blood vessels, nerves and body organs
what is the funciton of areolar?
strenght, elasticity, support
Where can you find adipose?
anywhere aerolar is found, yellow bone marrow, SubQ
What is adipose function?
reduces heat loss, serves as energy reservoir, protects organs,
where can you find reticular?
stroma of the liver, spleen and lymph nodes, red bone marrow
what is the function of reticular?
forms stoma of organs, binds together smooth muscle tissue cells, filters and removes worn out blood cells.
where can you find dense regular?
Tendons (muscle to bone), ligaments (bone to bone) and aponeuroses
what is the function of dense regular?
provides strong attachment and withstands tension
where can you find dense irregular?
often occurs in sheets,fasciae (tissue beneath skin and around muscles and other organs), reticular (deeper) region of dermis skin, fibrous pericardium of heart, periosteum of bone, perichondrium of cartilage, joint capsules, membrane capsules around various organs. also found in heart valves.
where can you find elastic connective tissue
lung tissue, walls of arteries, trachea, bronchial tubes, true vocal cords, suspensory ligaments of penis, ligaments between vertabrae
what is the function of elastic connective tissue
allows stretching,
where can you find hyaline cartilage?
end of long bones, anterior end of ribs, nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, embryonic and fetal skeleton
what is the function of hyaline cartilage?
provides smooth surfaces for movement at joints, as well as flexibility and support weakest of all 3 cartileges
where can you find fibro cartilege?
Pubic symphysis, invertabae discs, minisic (cartilege pads of knee, portion of tendons
what is the function of fibro cartilege?
support and joining structures together. strongest cartilege
where can you find elastic cartilege?
lid on top of larynx, part of ear, auditory (eustachian tubes)
what is the function of elastic cartilage?
provides strength and elasticity and maintains shape.