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Each organization that provides host services on the public internet is responsible for providing and maintaining DNS authoritative servers for public access


DNS follows a centralized database model allowing for easier management of DNS records


ICANN is responsible for restrictions on the use of .com .org and .net TLDs.


If a hosts IPV6 address contains the network adapter's MAC address within the last 64 bits of the IPv6 Address what standard is being used?

EUI 64

What command can you utilize to display TCP IP configuration information for each network adapter installed?

Ipconfig /all

Your supervisor has asked you to configure a new prototype network with a dual stack configuration. What does this mean?

Both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols will be used on the network

Which of the following IP addresses would be a loopback IP address?

What part of a MAC address serves as the extension identifier or device ID?

The last 24 bits of the MAC address

In a DNS zone what type of record holds the name to address mapping for IPv6 addresses?

AAAA record

Which of the following IPv6 addresses represents a global unicast address?


Encrypted control of remote computers using the RDP protocol is accomplished using what port number?

TCT 3389

What utility is used to verify that TCP IP installed bound to the NIC configured correctly and communicating with the network?


In the DNS hierarchy where is the information about how to find the top level domain servers held?

In the hosts file on the local machine

Which of the following is NOT a range of IP addresses recommended for use in private networks? through

When using DHCP for ipv6 (i.e. DHCPv6) what port do clients receive responses on?

Port 547