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What are the relative adv and disadv of the functional, matrix, approach to managing projects?
Adv: No structural change, flexibility, in-depth expertise, easy post-project transition

Disadv: lack of focus, poor integration, slow, lack of ownership
What are the relative adv and disadv of the matrix approach to managing projects?
Adv: Efficient, strong project focus, easier post-project transition, flexible

Disadv: dysfunctional conflict, infighting, stressful, slow
What are the relative adv and disadv of the dedicated project team approach to managing projects?
Adv: simple, fast, cohesive, cross-functional integration

Disadv: expensive, internal strife, limited technological expertise, difficult post-project transition
What distinguishes a weak matrix from a strong matrix?
The influence the project manager has over project participants. In a weak matrix the authority of the functional manager predominates and the project manager has indirect authority. In a strong matrix the project manager has broader control and functional departments act as subordinate to the project.
Under what conditions would it be advisable to use a strong matrix instead of a dedicated project team?
When the organization cannot afford to have people work full time and when the culture of the organization supports the dual authority structure.
How can project management offices support effective project management?
1. Track project progress
2. Define and maintains standards
3. Providing project management training
4. Integrating latest advances in the field of PM
5. Being an organizational advocate
Why is it important to access the culture of an organization before deciding what project management structure should be used to complete a project?
The culture of an organization can impact the effectiveness of different project management structures.

Organizational cultures that do no not encourage teamwork, collaboration, and cross-functional integration need a stronger project management structure to be successful.
Other than culture, what other organizational factors should be used to determine which project management structure should be used?
1. The percentage of core work that involves projects
2. Resource Availability