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Insular Cases

Determined territorial possessions did not automatically have constitutional rights, Congress had power to decide these rights

Import duties from Foraker Act were legal

Henry Cabot Lodge

Advocate for imperialism in US throughout his time in Senate, including annexation of Hawaiian islands and armed intervention in Venezuela

Yellow Press

Sensationalist, pro-war writings that led american people to want war against Spain

Made famous by W. R. Hearts and Joseph Pulitzer

Platt Amendment

Amendment added to Cuban constitution b/c of American pressure

Limited Cuba's ability to make treaties, controlled it's debt, said the US could intervene w/ military when US felt it fit

Andrew Carnegie

Part of Anti-Imperialist movement

Felt it was irrational for US to think it could control so many countries over such a large area of the globe

Emilio Aguinaldo

1899-1901; Leader of Filipino guerrilla fighters against US

Roosevelt Corollary

Extension of Monroe Doctrine; stated that US could intervene with military force in South and Latin America to protect it's economic interests

Samuel Gompers

Part of Anti-Imperialist league, along with people he fought against in AFL (i.e. Carnegie)


After Russo Japanese War, there was a flood of Japanese immigrants into California

1906; Disagreement when whites in San Francisco, California believed that Japanese children should attend separate schools


First US missionaries arrived in 1820s

US base in Pearl Harbor

Hawaiian sugar became very profitable

McKinley tariff meant sugar prices increased, so frustrated Americans in Hawaii overthrew gov't and Queen Liliuokalani and it was annexed by US in 1898

William Jennings Bryan

Leader of Democratic Party

Opposed imperialist movements by US gov't

Josiah Strong

Called for more US missionary action overseas

Believed Americans were more moral and superior to other nations

Rough Riders

Headed by Theodore Roosevelt, group of Spanish-American War volunteers

Used in TR's campaign efforts

Teller Amendment

Said that when US overthrew Spanish misrule, it would give Cuba freedom

Designed to persuade anti-imperialists that war was good idea, and everything would end fine

William Randolph Hearst

Began yellow journalism, which helped start Spanish-American war

Part of Anti-Imperialist leag

The Maine

American battleship in Havana that mysteriously blew up in 1898

Many Americans thought Spanish were to blame

Major cause of Spanish American War

Grover Cleveland

American president

Refused to annex Hawaii after discovering native Hawaiians did not want to be apart of US

McKinley Tariff

Raised duties on Hawaiian sugar

Made white sugar plantation owners want annexation, caused them to stage a rebellion

Hay-Pauncefot Treaty

1901; Agreement between US & Britain saying US could build canal in Latin America without British involvement

Election of 1900

Republican candidate: William McKinley, platform of imperialism

Democratic candidate: William Jennings Bryan, platform of anti-imperialism and free silver

McKinley won the election

Russo Japanese War

War Teddy Roosevelt aided concluding and got him Nobel Peace Prize

Caused tensions between US and Russia & China

Open Door Notes

Letters from Secretary of State John Hay

Wanted countries w/ spheres of influence in China to respect China's right to free trade and competition within spheres of influence

Established Open-Door Policy and ensured US could trade with China freely without having a sphere of influence

"Our Country"

Written by Josiah Strong

Justified American expansionism, the US had an obligation to spread superiority and Christianity to other nations


Capital of the Philippines

Where US steel navy defeated Spanish navy in overwhelming victory

William McKinley

US president, assassinated in office in 1901

Believed he needed to listen to American people first and foremost

At first anti-imperialist, but changed his mind later because of American people's opinion