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or withdrawal from world affairs
or reducing th esixe of a country military
emily greene balch
jeannette rackin
washinton conference
an international conference in washintion
charles evan hughes
us secretary of state
kellogg-briand pact
the treaty outlawed war as an instrument of national policy
adolf hitler
had survived a poison gas attack during the war and remained conviced that politicians
emiliano chamorro
overthrew the gov.
henry stimson
a long time public official
augusto cesar sandion
a general who opposed chamorro
adolfo diaz
chamorros successor
anastasio somoza
ordered sandionos assassination
lazaro cardenas
began to nationalize
assert government control over the countrys oil industry
josephus daniels
argued for a compromise between the mexican gov.
to power in many latin american countries
benito mussolini
founded the fascist party
fasxist party
belived that a military dominated
for the clor of their uniforms
joseph stalin
eventually emerged as the nation's leader
totalitarian state
country where the gov
nazi party
won nearly 40 % of the bote
the color of their uniforms
anti semitism
hatred of jews
the night of broken glass
francisco franco
1936 the fascist army
popular front
an international alliance
munich conference
signed a pact giving geramy contol
giving in to demands in an attempt
winston churchill
great britain
noagression pact
with hilter
lend lease act
march 1941 appropriated $7 billion for ships planes tanks
maginot line
a line of defenses along the french border with germany
lightning war against the germans
atlantc charter
joint pledge to not pursue territorial expansion
hideki tojo
became prime minister of japan