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Dental public health

Specialty that promotes oral health through organized community efforts

Oral pathology

Dental specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases of the oral structures.


Never revealing any personal information about the patient


Moral standards of conduct; rules or principles that govern proper conduct

Civil law

Category of law that deals with relations of individuals, corporations, or other organization


Truthfulness; not lying to the patient

Code of ethics

Voluntary standards of behavior establish by a profession

Standard of care

Level of knowledge, skill, and care comparable with that of other dentists who are training similar patients under similar conditions


Fair treatment of the patient


The health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996; specifies federal regulations that ensure privacy regarding a patient Healthcare information

Expressed contract

A contract that is established through verbal or written words

Dental assisting national board

National agency responsible for administering the certification examination and issuing the credential of certified dental assistant

Statutory law

Law enacted by legislation through U.S. congress, state legislature, or local legislative bodies


Dental specialty that provides restoration and replacement of natural teeth

Direct supervision

Level of supervision in which the dentist is physically present when the dental auxiliary performs delegated functions