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Political Bosses
Powerful politicans who control work the is done locally and demands payoffs from buisness-total power

Did some good things- CONTROL EVERYTHING IN A CITY
Boss Tweed
Cheated the city out of more the 100 million- fled to spain and then caught-recogized from cartoons- died in jail
Ida Tarbell
muckraker- articles about unfair practices of big buissness, standard oil company and demanded for more controls on trusts then the Sherman AntiTrust Act

Worked for McClure's Magazine and wrote THE HISTORY OF THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY.
Upton Sinclair
muckraker-wrote the Jungle(based on meatpacking industry) led to demands for change and the Pure Food and Drug Act
Wisconsin Idea
Wisconsin Way
"Fighting Bob" LaFollette
"The will of the people is the law of the land" (WI)
ex.Lowered railroad rates led to increase rail traffic better for owners and customers
System of Colleges (WW)
Govener then US senetor
Primary elections

voters choose their party's canditate for the general election

process by which voters can put a bill directly before the state legislature

process by which people vote directly on a bill

process by which voters can remove an elected official from office
Direct Democracy
"We the people are in control"
Graduated income tax
tax on earnings that charges different rates for different income levels

The more you make the more you pay!
work taxes