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holding onto old traditions while learning new ones
What is the order of the Cities??
1. business
2. poor housing
3. middle class
4. wealthy suberbs
When you move from farms to cities
Who and why did people come to america?
1. Immagrants
2. African Americans- thought there would be no segregation
3. Farmers- jobs
6 or 7 story building- divided into apartments
No windows, heat, ore indoor bathrooms
10 people shared 1 room
disease, crime, trash
Jane Addams
Hull House
World leader
Peace Party
People who didn't like immagrants
Fredrick Law Olmstead
landscape architect who planned the spacious Central Park
New York Journal(Challange Pulitzer)
New York World

Hungarian Immagrant who created mass- circulation newspaper
Dime Novels
low priced paperbacks

told adventure stories
Horation Alger
Wrote over 100 dime novels for children telling of poor boys becoming rich and getting resped through hard work, luck, and honesty.
Vaundeville Who would go??
A varied show that included comedians song-and-dance routines and actobats

City Dwellers
popular music of the late 1800's that had a lively upbeat sound
"Yellow Journalism"
news reporting

normally biased or untrue
Department Stories
Wannamakers....could buy anything from shoes to lunch
trollies, bridges, and subway
Hull House
old mainsion in Chicago...fixed it up by earning money making speeches(by Jane Addams)

Taught immagrants english, had daycare/preschool
Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)
law that banned Chinese labors from entering the US
"How the Other Half Lives" By Jacob Riis
Photo Journalism- mostly sad pics

Shoes how everything really was

~A picture is worth a thousand words~

Young Men's Hebrew Association
Organization founded in Baltimore in 1854 to provide community serivices to Jewish neighborhoods

Yound Mer's Christian Association
Springfield, Massachusetts
Le Louvre
est une ancienne residence royale transfomee en musee. C'est dans ce musee que se trouve la fameuse Mona Lisa. Le louvre est le symbole du nouveau Paris, a la fois moderne et traditional.
Le Centre Pompidou
est le monument le plus visite de Paris. C'est un musee d'art moderne aussi une biblitheque, une cinematheque et un centre auto-visuel. Un peu plus loin, il ya une palace avec des fontaines un bassin et des scultures mobiles.
Le Musee d'Orsay
est un musee on vient ici admirer les chefs d'oeuvre des grands peintres et sculptures francais du dixneuvieme sieele.
Le Palais Omnisports
est le nouveau stade de Paris. C'est aussi une immense salle de concert. On vient ici ecouter et applauelir les vedettes de la chanson francaise et de la chanson amerteaine.
Le Parc de la Villette
est un lieu de meeneation pour les jeunes de tout age. on trouve ici des parcs pour enfants, des terrains de jeu et differentes constructions unta-modernes.
La Defense
est le nouveau centre d'affaires situe a l'ouest de Paris. Chaque jour, des milliers de Pariesene vienment travailler dans ses gratte-ciel de venne. Centieme anniversaire de la Revolution francais.