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If you need help and direction in sorting out the different issues about the workplaces you are considering, it is recommended that you ask:

Your instructor

As you serve your clients, it is recommended that you be:

Grateful, punctual, and respectful

A good team player:

Shares her knowledge

Conflict is bad for:

Everyone in the salon

Staff meetings are a good way to:

Help build team lotalty

When you accept a job, you will be expected to:

Conduct your business professionally and perform services asked of you

If you find yourself at a salon that does not use job descriptions, it is recommended that you:

Write your own job description

After you have your job description, it is important to:

Be sure you understand it

The term _________ refers to what you are actually paid for your work.


Which of the following is NOT a standard method of compensation in the nail industry?

Tips only

The hourly rate paid to new nail technicians is usually based on:

The minimum wage

The way a new nail technician is compensated will MOST likely change to a commission basis once she:

Establishes a client base

When is a nail technician owed overtime pay?

Anytime she works more than 40 hours in a week

A ________ is a percentage of the revenue that the salon takes in from sales earmarked for the practitioner.


Under a commission payment structure, _______ usually provides the products used to perform nail services for a client.

The salon

You are MOST likely to build a solid and loyal clientele quickly if you:

Have advanced training

A salary-plus-commission compensation structure is typically offered for what purpose?

To motivate the nail technician to perform more services

When must tips be reported as income on your tax return?


Evaluations are commonly scheduled ___ days are hiring.


When observing a role model at work, you should ask yourself:

How do they treat the salon staff and manager, how do they book their appointments, and how do they select which products to use

What does the term "defaulting" refer to?

Not paying back your loans

It is recommended that you talk to a(n) _________ for information about reducing credit card debt, investing your money, and your retirement options.

Financial planner

To be successful in sales, you need:

Ambition, determination, and a good personality

When selling a product, you should:

Speak in a relaxed manner

To successfully sell retain products to nail clients, it takes:

Reasonable expectations, a positive attitude, and eye-catching displays

What is the standard retail sales commission for nail technicians?


When offering advice to clients about retail products, you should be:

Honest and sincere

You will find it easier to sell professional retail products, you should be:

Are informed about their merits, explain why they perform better than generic and store brand products

Which of the following is NOT a recommended method of expanding your client base?

Being your clients' buddy

As you start off in your first nail technician job, it is important to be willing to discuss ____________ with the salon team.

Customer service and technical skills