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Louis XVI
Last king of France (1774–92) in the Bourbon line preceding the French Revolution.
Marie Antionette
Queen of Fracne adn wife of Louis XVI
Emmanuel Sieyes
French political theorist who won great popularity for his pamphelt What is the Third Estate?
Edmund Burke
British parliamentarian, orator, and political philosopher. He is regarded as the founder of conservatism.
Thomas Paine
English-American writer and political pampleteer. He is famous for the pamphlet Common Sense.
Jacques-Louis David
Famous French painter who was mainly involved in Neo-Classical paintings. He was the prominent artistic force during the French Revolution.
Olympe de Gouges
A self taught writer and women of the people during the French Revolution.
Georges-Jacques Danton
French revolutionary leader. Who was a lawyer before the revolution and became a leading voice of opposition to the Reign of Terror.
Maximilian Robespierre
Leading French revolutionary who headed the Committie of Public Safety. He is responsible for the Reign of Terror and was executed at the guillotine.
Antoine Saint-Just
French Revolutionary leader who wrote Esprit de la révolution et de la constitution de France in support of the revolution. He was a member of the committie of public safety with Robespierre and was a fanatical leader of the Reign of Terror and died at the guillotine.
Charles Talleyrand
French statesman and member of the clergy. He became known as the bishop of the revolution. He was appointed foreign minister three separate times.
Napoleon Bonaparte
French general who ascended through the ranks and one numerous military victories against the Austrians, Prussians, and Russians. In a coup he was appointed first counsel effectively making him a dictator and in 1804 crowned himself emperor of France.
Joseph Fouche
Minister of Police. He established an effective spy system and jailed 2500 hundred French citizens as political enemies to Napoleon.
Alexander I
Czar of Russia who defeated Napoleon in his invasion of Russia and was part of the Fourth Coalition that deposed Napoleon.
Arthur Wellesley
British general who led British forces in the Penninsula War, the attack on Paris, and the battle of Waterloo.
Louis XVIII brother who was installed on the throne by the allies after Napoleon was desposed.