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Gamma Gobulin portion of blood// Gamma globulins are a class of ____________ in the blood// This gamma gobulin portion in blood is an ___________.
Immunoglobulins// proteins// antibody
anti_________ are ____________ secreted by p_________ c__________ in response to an an________.
antibodies are proteins secreted by plasma cells in response to an antigen.
________________ are capable of binding specifically with antigen d___________d by __ cells.
antibodies are capable of binding specifically with antigens detected by B cells
How many classes of Antigens are they and what are the names of the classes?
5; (Igm,IgA,IgD,IgG or IgE)
T or Y shaped monomer of f_____looping linked poly________ chains.

How many (H) chains? Are these different or identical?
How many (L) chains? identical or different

Each chain has a ___________(V) region and a much larger ___________ ( ) region

______________ (V) regions determine antigen __________; on each arm they combine to form an a___________-b___________ site.
four; poly; 2; identical; 2 identical; variable; constant (C); variable; specificity; antigen binding site
Constant (C) region of s____m determines 1) & 2)
antibody class and common functions; function includes the cells and chemicals of the body the antibody can bind to; how the antibody class functions in antigen elimination
Pentamer; first antibody released (useful for diagnosis); monomer is an antigen receptor in B cells
Monomer or dimer; in saliva, sweat, mucus and other secretions. It plays a major role in preventing pathogens from gaining entry into the body.
IgA- secretory IgA
What is the main antibody defense against cellular antigens?
Complement Fixation and Activation
- several antibodies bind close together on a cellular antigen
-their complement-binding sites trigger complement fixation into the cell's surface
- complement triggers cell lysis
Complement Fixation and Activation
__-cells provide defense against intracellular antigens
There are ___ types of s_______ receptors of T cells: They are AR & DG
2; surface; Antigen receptors (t-cell); differentiation glycoproteins (CD4 or CD8)
Differentiation Glycoproteins play a role in __- celll int________ with o______ ce__; 2 types:
t-cell interaction w/ other cells. CD4 & CD8
Major Types of T-cells produce what?
A cell-mediated immune response
CD4 cells become ________ _____ when activated
helper T cells
CD8 cells become _______________ that destory cells harboring foreign antigens
"other types of T cells" - other than CD4 and CD8?
regulatory T cells and Memory T cells
Lymphocytes that destroy cancerous cells in a non-specific fashion are called
NK cells
Which of the following is a specific body defense mechanism

The most abundant type of immunoglobin is
Interferon is produced in response to the presence of
The two major types of phagocytic cells are
neutrophils and lympocytes
The antibodies involved in allergic reactions are
in the IgE class
Normal immune responses require the presence of
T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes
Which of the following cell types is derived from monocytes?
wandering macrophage
Natural killer cells are

A hapten is an antigen that has
r____________y but not immun__geni_____
reactivity but not immunogenicity
The structure of a lymphatic vessel is most similar to that of a(n)
Afferent lymph vessels c_______ lymph toward _____________ _____________
carry lymph toward lymph nodes
chemotactic and attracts phagocytic cells
are responsible for antibody-mediated immunity
B lymphocytes
Medullary sinuses of lymph nodes are filled w/
Antigen recognition by a T-cell receptor with CD4 or CD8 proteins is the
________ in the activation of a T-cell.
1st signal
Lack of reactivity of T cells and B cells to fragments of one's own proteins is known as
Lymph from the cisterna chyli empties into the
thoracic duct
The proper sequence of phases in the process of phagocytosis is
chemotaxis, adherence, ingestion
vasodilation and increased permeability of blood vessels
The first stage of inflammation is
mark the surfaces of all your body cells except your red blood cells
Class I major histocompatibility complex (MHCI) antigens
Antigen presenting cells (APCs) include


killer T cells


plasma cell
perforin and granulysin
Cytotoxic T cells can kill target cells directly by secreting