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changes in the skin; redness
Perfusion study of the lungs
In which test is a radiopharmaceutical injected intravenously and traced within the vessels of the lung?
Uses ionizing x-rays and a computer to produce a transverse image of the body organs
What best characterizes a CT scan?
sagittal, frontal, & cross-sectional images are produced using magnetic and radio waves.
What best characterize an MRI?
Cirrhosis and splenomegaly due to abscess or tumor
What can liver and spleen scans detect?
Specializes in the practice of administering diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures
What does a radiation oncologist do?
Relieving, but not curing
What does palliative mean?
Metallic power is introduced to the large intestine and x-rays are taken
What best describes a barium enema?
What is an x-ray of a joint?
X-ray of the renal pelvis and urinary tract after injecting dye into a vein?