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Polarized Plug

a plug that has one blade wider than the other and can reduce the risk of shock if used with a polarized outlet.

carbon monoxide

an odorless, highly poisonous gas.

abdominal thrusts

is a way to dislodge an object from the throat of a person who is choking by using a series of upward thrusts on the abdomen with the fist to force air, and the objects out of the lungs and throat.

cardiopulmonary resuscitation

a technique used to revive a person whose breathing and heartbeat have stopped.


carefully examine


susceptible to harm.

work flow

all the steps involved in removing food from storage, preparing it, and serving it.

work center

an area designed for performing specific kitchen tasks.

work triangle

the arrangement of the three main work centers in a kitchen.


a countertop extension that is open on two sides and on one end.


a freestanding counter that is open on all sides and is often placed in the center of the kitchen.

universal design

a way of making objects and spaces easy to use by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.


the process of providing a path for electrical current to travel back through the electrical system, rather than through your body.

task lighting

bright, shadow- free light over specific work areas.

EnergyGuide label

a yellow label on large appliances that shows the average cost per year of using the appliance.


a manufacture's guarantee that a product will perform as advertised.

service contract

an insurance that covers repair and maintenance of a product for a specific length of time.


a financial arrangement that delays payment for an item.

down payment

a portion of the purchase price that you must pay before you take the item home.


the purchase price minus the down payment.


a fee for the loan expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed.

annual percentage rate

the yearly rate of interest that you must pay on the principal.

finance charge

fees plus interest; the total amount you pay for borrowing.

heating unit

an energy source in the range.

convection oven

an oven with a fan that circulates heated air to equalize temperatures throughout.


equipment for cooking food on top of the range.


equipment for cooking food in an oven.