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a sailing vessel that uses square and triangular sails to help it sail against the wind

Henry the Navigator

Prince of Portugal and patron of exploration; he made no voyages himself but spent his life directing voyages of discovery along the African coast

Vasco da Gama

Portuguese navigator; in 1497-1499, he became the first European to sail around Africa and reach India by sea

Christopher Columbus

Italian explorer, sailing for Spain, who reached the Americas in 1492 while searching for a western sea route from Europe to Asia

Ferdinand Magellan

Portuguese navigator; his ships were the first to circumnavigate the globe, though he died on the journey


to proceed completely around

Sir Francis Drake

English admiral; he rounded the tip of South America and explored the west coast. He ended up heading west to return to England, thus becoming the second man to circumnavigate the globe

Henry Hudson

English navigator; he sailed for the Dutch East India Company and discovered the Hudson River in present-day New York