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Town meeting

A gathering in which residents meet to make decisions for the community.

Freedom of Press

The right of newspapers and other public media to publish articles believed to be accurate.

John Peter Zenger

A publisher of the Weekly journal, a newspaper in New York City.


The publishing of statements that damage a persons reputation.


Free from the superstitions and ignorence of middle ages.

Absolute Monarch

A ruler with complete authority over the goverment.

Devine Right

A rulers authority comes directly from God.

John Locke

An English philosopher that proposed that people have natural rights.

Natural Rights

Rights that belong to every human being from birth.

Baron De Montesquieu

A french philosopher who challenged the idea of devine rights.

Seperation of powers

Divison of the power of goverment into separate branches.

Benjamin Franklin

A successful printer in Philadelphia who studied liturature, mathematics, science, and philosophy.

Johnston Edwards

A Massachutes preacher who called an people to examine their lives and commit themselves to God.