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An illness with psychological or behavioral symptoms and/or impairment in functioning, caused by a social, psychological, genetic, physical, chemical, or biologic disturbance.
mental disorder
How a person functions or acts in response to his or her environment.
A symptom or illness that is caused by mental factors as opposed to physical ones.
A disorder in which there is no known physiologic reason for the abnormal functioning of an organ or organ system.
functional disorder
A change in the way a person thinks and behaves that may signal disease in the central nervous system.
altered mental status
The point at which a person's reactions to events interfere with activities of daily living; a behavioral crisis becomes a psychiatric emergency when it causes a major life interruption, such as attempted suicide.
behavioral crisis
Temporary or permanent dysfunction of the brain, caused by a disturbance in the physical or physiologic functioning of brain tissue.
organic brain syndrome
A persistent mood of sadness, despair, and discouragement; depression may be a symptom of many different mental and physical disorders, or it may be a disorder on its own.
The basic activities a person usually accomplishes during a normal day, such as eating, dressing, and washing.
activities of daily living (ADL)