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Define biodiversity.
The # and diversity of living organisms in an area at a specific time.
Define taxonomy.
The theories and techniques of describing a grouping, and naming living things.
Describe what conditions are necessary for organisms to be considered members of the same species.
Organisms need to be able to reproduce to produce fertile offspring.
Are horses and donkeys members of the same species? Explain.
No. They cannot reproduce fertile offspring (mules and hinnies)
Explain the methods used to determine evolutionary relationships.
Examining structure, biochemistry, behavior, genes, and ancestry.
Describe 3 ways that species maintain their distinctness.
Species canot interbreed to produce fertile offspring (they are sterile), species can be seperated into seperate habitats, or species can meet but not reproduce.
On what is modern taxonomy based?
List the 7 groupings (taxa) in the classification hierarchy in order from the broadest to the most specific.
Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.
Explain how a number of characteristics shared by members of a classification level change as you proceed from species to kingdom.
They become less.
Describe binomial nomenclature.
2 word name - 1st word is genus name and 2nd word is particular species.
What are the 2 taxa used in the scientific name?
To distinguish from different species that belong to the same larger group.
Give 2 reasons why the use of binomial nomenclature is important.
Can distinguis between animals that have the same common name and Latin is used for worldwide language reasons.
What language is used in the scientific name?
Name the person who gave us our system of binomial nomenclature.
Cal von Linne
Who is the father of taxonomy?
C. Linnacus