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big box retailers

Discount stores that offer a narrow but deep assortment of merchandise; see category killer.

category killers

A specialist that offers an extensive assortment in a particular category, so overwhelming the category that other retailers have difficulty competing.

category specialist

A retailer that offers a narrow variety but a deep assortment of merchandise

cooperative (co-op) advertising

An agreement between a manufacturer and retailer in which the manufacturer agrees to defray some advertising costs.

convenience stores

Type of retailer that provides a limited number of items at a convenient location in a small store with speedy checkout.

conventional supermarket

Type of retailer that offers groceries, meat, and produce with limited sales of nonfood items, such as health and beauty aids and general merchandise, in a self-service format.

department stores

A retailer that carries many different types of merchandise (broad variety) and lots of items within each type (deep assortment); offers some customer services; and is organized into separate departments to display its merchandise.

distribution intensity

The number of supply chain members to use at each level of the supply chain.


A specialty store that concentrates on health and personal grooming merchandise, though pharmaceuticals may represent more than 60 percent of its sales.

exclusive co-brand

Developed by national brand vendor and retailer and sold only by that retailer.

exclusive distribution

Strategy in which only selected retailers can sell a manufacturer's brand.

full-line discount stores

retailers that offer low prices, limited service, and a broad variety of merchandise.

intensive distribution

A strategy designed to get products into as many outlets as possible.

limited assortment supermarkets

Retailers that offer only one or two brands or sizes of most products (usually including a store brand) and attempt to achieve great efficiency to lower costs and prices.

mobile commerce (M-commerce)

Communicating with or selling to consumers through wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones.

multichannel strategy

Selling in more than one channel (e.g., stores, Internet, catalog).

off-price retailers

A type of retailer that offers an inconsistent assortment of merchandise at relatively low prices.

online chats

Instant messaging or voice conversation with an online sales representative.


The set of business activities that add value to products and services sold to consumers for their personal or family use; includes products bought at stores, through catalogs, and over the Internet, as well as services like fast-food restaurants, airlines, and hotels.

selective distribution

Lies between the intensive and exclusive distribution strategies; uses a few selected customers in a territory.

Term: service retailers

Def: A firm that primarily sells services rather than merchandise.

share of wallet

The percentage of the customer's purchases made from a particular retailer.

Term: stock keeping units (SKUs)

Individual items within each product category; the smallest unit available for inventory control.


Large stores combining full-line discount stores with supermarkets in one place.

warehouse clubs

Large retailers with an irregular assortment, low service levels, and low prices that often require membership for shoppers.