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-L- look externally
-E- evaluate 3-3-2 (mouth width more than 3 fingers, mandible length of 3 fingers, distance from hyoid bone to thyroid notch width of 2 fingers)
-M- mallampati
-O- obstruction
-N- neck mobility
Disadvantage of ET Intubation
functions of warming, humidifying, and filtering are bypassed
DO NOT hyperventilate pt, may decrease venous return to heart
When inserting ET Tube
continue until proximal end of cuff is 1 to 2 cm past vocal cords
Ventilation by age
Adult w/ pulse-- 10 to 12 breaths/min
infant or child-- 12 to 20 breaths/min
Suspect Pneumothorax if..
-- Stronger breath sounds on left side
-- Persistent cyanosis despite ventilation
-- Decreased ventilatory compliance
With Proper Tube Placement
-- Bag-mask device should compress easily
-- should see corresponding chest expansion
Decreased Ventilatory Compliance
may indicate gastric distention, esophageal intubation, tension pneumothorax
Indication for Nasotracheal Intubation
Breathing spontaneously, but requires definitive airway management
( rotate tube 180° as tip enters nasopharynx )
During Digital Intubation
Head cannot be moved as with c-spine
Digital Intubation Contraindications
-- pt breathing
-- not deeply unresponsive
-- intact gag reflex
Miltilumen Airway Contraindications
known pathologic condition of the esophagus such as ulcerative esophagus or esophageal cancer
Complications of Miltilumen Airway
unrecognized displacement into esophagus
Indications for Laryngeal Mask Airway
Alternative to bag mask ventilation
Disadvantage to LMA
no protection against aspiration
Indications for Cricothyrotomy
patent airway cannot be secured with conventional means
( first palate for V notch of thyroid cartilage )
Contraindications for Cricothyrotomy
-- ability to secure patent airway
-- inability to identify anatomic landmarks
-- crushing injuries to larynx and tracheal transection
-- tracheal tumors or subglottic stenosis
-- younger than 8 yrs