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blood pressure with the systolic reading greater than or equal to 140 mm and diastolic greater than or equal to 90
Obstructive lung disease
condition of a fibrous lung tissue, which results in a decreased ability to expand the lungs.
Arthritis in which cartilage ecomes soft, frayed or t hins out as a result of trauma or other conditions.
precursor to osteoporosis and is indicated on screening lowere bone mass.
Restrictive lung disease
Condition of a fibrous lung tissue, which results in a decreased ability to expand the lungs.
Rheumatoid arthritis
Arthritis primarily affecting connective tissue, in which there is a thickening of articular soft tissue, and extension of synovial tissue over articular cartilages that have become eroded.
Minimum % of progression of aerobic training volume per period of adaptation (Youth)
How many minutes should adolescences engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity to promote health and chronic disease prevention.
20 minutes, 3 or more days a week. GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND MOVE!!!
What are some physiologic differences between children & adults that impact physical performance?
Oxygen uptake, submaximal oxygen demand, glycolytic enzymes and sweating rate
What are some of the functions that decrease with age?
Maximum attainable heart rate, cardio output, muscle mass, balance, coordination, connective tissue elasticity & bone mineral density. WOW! I don't want to get old! :-(
What is the cause of obesity or fundamental problem?
Energy balance. Too many Twinkies also. :-(
Would hydrostatic weighing & skin fold calipers be a good tool to measure body composition of an overweight client?
No, it may not accurately reflect degree of overweight or obesity.