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By the mid 1850s most Southerners lived on

Farms and in small towns

By the 1850s most of the nation cities were located in the


By the 1850s , the Noth's point of view on slavery was

That most other states allowed slavery

What was the slavery's role in the Southern economy?

Slavery was profitable

What were the slaves doing when they resisted slavery?

Fighting for their freedom

What were some ways that slaves resisted slavery?

Ran away, broke tools, worked slowly, pretended to be sick, holding back on work

A slave rebellion that ended in the slaves returning to Africa

Amistad Rebellion

Harriet Tub man and others used this to help slaves reach freedom on the North

Underground Railroad

Describe the lifestyles of free African Americans.

They lived in fear of loosing their freedom

The Missouri Compromise

The Northern states not wanting ,more slave states than free states

What caused violence in Kansas in 1854?

The North and South disagreeing about the results of the slave vote

Why were people outraged at the Supreme Court's decision in the Dread Scott case?

The court said African Americans had no rights

How did John Brown's raid at Harper Ferry affect the nation?

It further divided the North and South

What were Lincoln's and Douglas's views on slavery?

Lincoln opposed slavery and Douglas thought it had its place.

What battle officially started the Civil War?

The battle at Fort Sumter

What did the North hope to achieve by fighting the Civil War?

An end to slavery