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Define Primate City

principal cities that are extremely large compared to other cities in the country

Which type of city dominates countries within the developing world?

Primate Cities

Most Spanish colonial cities were constructed around a grid plan with a __________ called ______(spanish)

central plaza

plaza mayor

Why, even after such a long independence, do Latin American cities lag far behind the cities of Brazil, Argentina, etc?

(1) Because most Latin American cities, from the outset, were export-oriented. Their valued resources were sent to other countries.

This generates less profit than processing and producing goods with them.

(2) Because exports were the core of their business, Latin American cities never developed much of an industrial base.

How have corporations negatively contributed to keeping certain countries poor?

They have thrown their aid and political support to Latin American governments that favor export over local development.

Why is African urbanization uneven?

Most of it takes place along the coast.

What attracted European colonists to Africa? (2)

(1) the slave trade

(2) Their abundance of raw material

define apartheid. Where was it worst, in Africa?

a policy of racial segregation. It was worst in SOuth Africa.

The Spanish followed "The Laws of The Indies" While colonizing cities in Latin America. What effect did this have on the cities?

It produced a continent of very similar cities.

Which year was dubbed "the African Year" in africa?


What country is least urbanized on the planet?


What country has the highest rate of increase in urbanization?


What led to many cities being developed in early Islam?

The spread of Islam