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What are the three core components of Windows 9x?
GDI, user, and kernel
What are the four types of installations that you can choose during setup of Windows 9x?
Typical, portable, compact, and custom
What are the log files Setuplog.txt, Detlog.txt, and Detcrash.log used for?
Setuplog.txt is used by Windows to determine how far it got into the installation when it is recovering from a crash. Detlog.txt keeps a record of hardware detected. Detcrash.log is a binary file used by Windows to help recover from a crash caused by a problem in hardware.
What is the Windows keyboard shortcut to display the startup menu while Windows is loading? to go through step-by-step confirmation of startup? to move from one loaded application to another?
F8 or Ctrl, Shift + F8, Alt + Tab
Use the ________applet in Control Panel when installing 32-bit software designed for Windows 9x. Use the ____option on the Start menu when installing older 16-bit software.
Add/Remove Programs, Run
How is memory management in Windows 9x similar to memory management under DOS? How is it different?
As with DOS, memory in Windows 9x is organized as conventional, upper, and extended. However, Windows 9x has improved memory allocation and automation of memory management.
The Windows registry takes over the functions of ___files.
Initialization (.ini)
The Windows registry is contained in two files, _____ and _____. The Windows 95 backups of these files are called _____ and _____.
System.dat and User.dat, System.da0 and User.da0
Define memory paging. What problem can excessive memory paging cause? What are some symptoms of this problem?
Memory paging involves swapping blocks of memory stored in RAM to the hard drive. Excessive memory paging can cause disk thrashing, in which the VMM spends excessive amounts of time moving pages in and out of RAM. Symptoms of this problem include very high CPU use, very slow system response, and constant hard drive use.
Name four configuration files that Windows 9x includes for backward compatibility with legacy software and hardware.
Autoexec.bat, Config.sys, System.ini, Win.ini
Explain the difference between the Regedit and Scanreg utilities.
The Regedit utility is used to edit the registry, and the Scanreg utility backs up, verifies, and recovers the registry.
Name the files that Sysedit automatically displays for editing. Give a short description of each.
• Protocol.ini—Contains information about the configuration of the network

• System.ini—Contains hardware settings and multitasking options for Windows

• Win.ini—Contains information about user settings

• Config.sys and Autoexec.bat—text files that can contain settings for environmental commands and variables to load drivers and TSRs. Windows 9x does not need these two files but supports them for backward compatibility.
List the five phases of the Windows 9x boot process and give a short description of each.
• BIOS POST and bootstrap, in which BIOS boots the PC

• Loading of the OS, in which BIOS turns control over to Io.sys, which checks configuration files

• Loading of static, real-mode VxDs, in which Io.sys relinquishes control to the VMM

• Switchover to protected mode and configuration of PnP, in which Vmm.vxd loads the Configuration Manager, which is responsible for configuring legacy and PnP devices

• Loading of remaining components, in which Vmm.vxd loads the kernel, GUI, and user components as well as fonts and other resources
Which startup menu options execute Autoexec.bat and Config.sys? Which do not?
Safe Mode, Safe Mode with network support, and Safe Mode command prompt only do not execute Autoexec.bat and Config.sys. All the other options do execute the commands in these files.
What Windows utility allows you to control what drivers are loaded during Windows startup?
Automatic Skip Driver Agent
_____ is a Windows utility that can record detailed information about the system, errors that occur, and the programs that caused them in a log file.
Dr. Watson
What parts of the Windows load does safe mode not execute?
Safe Mode does not execute entries in the Registry, Config.sys, Autoexec.bat, and the [Boot] and [386Enh] sections of System.ini.