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What is Normal Sex?

-Multiple Partners

-Mostly Heterosexual

-Mostly Monogamous

-Condom Use has Increased

-Over 50% of college women still practice unsafe sex

-Older populations are still active

Gender Differences in Sexual Behavior

Masterbation: Males > Females

Casual Premarital Sex: Males > Females

No Gender Difference in:

-Attitudes about homosexuality

-Sexual Satisfaction


Gap in views about sex:

Females (Love) Males (Arousal)

Development of Sexual Orientation

Nature vs Nurture

Nature of Gender Dysphoria

-Man or Woman?

-Goal is not sexual

-Trapped in body of wrong sex

-Transexualism or Transgendered

-Independent of Sexual Arousal patterns


(Smaller countries in Europe suggest that roughly 1 per 30,000 adult males and 1 per 100,000 adult females seek sex reassignment surgery)

Causes of Gender Dysphoria

-No specific biological link

-Probably learned early in life

Gender Dysphoria Treatment

-Sex reassignment surgery

-Costs 25-30,000

-Cost double for Female to Male

-Female to Male adjust better

-Psychosocial treatment

Types of Sexual Dysfunctions

-Sexual Desire Disorders

-Sexual Arousal Disorders

-Orgasm Disorders

-Sexual Pain Disorders


Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

-No interest in Sexual activity

-Limited to Men Only in DSM-5

Sexual Interest/Arousal disorder

-Females only

-Common (20%)

-How much sex is enough?

Sexual Aversion Disorder

No longer in the DSM-5

Erectile Disorder/Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

-Problem NOT desire, but Arousal

-Males: "impotence" (Maintaining/Achieving an erection)

-Females: "frigidity" (Maintaining/Achieving Lubrication)

Premature or Delayed Ejaculation/Female Orgasm Disorder

-Adequate Arousal and desire, but unable to achieve Orgasm

-Common in females, rare in males

50-75% of women NEVER experience regular Orgasm during intercourse

Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder

-New to DSM-5

-Dyspareunia: Intercourse associated with pain

-Rare in males, common in women


Assessment of Sexual Function

Interviews through medical evaluation psychophysiological assessment:

-Listen to Audiovisual erotica Material

-Measure Arousal directly

-Penile Strain Guage

-Vaginal Plethysmograph

Causes of Sexual dysfunction


-Diabetes and Kidney Disease

-Cardiovascular Disease

-Chronic Illness

-Perscription Medications

-Using Alcohol and other Drugs


-More than performance anxiety

-Performance anxiety involves (arousal, cognition, and negative affect)

-The role of distraction

-Arousal level is underestimated


-Learn that sexuality is negative

-Traumatic sexual experiences

-Poor interpersonal relationship

-Inaccurate beliefs and myths

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction


Psychosocial treatments

-Psychieducation about sex

-Eliminate Performance Anxiety

-Gradual Process of building intimacy

-Several other available treatments


Paraphilic disorders

Para - "beyond" or "amiss"

Philia - "love"

Sexual stimulation requiring bizarre or unusual acts, imagery, or objects


Attraction to non-living objects

-inattimate objects

-tactile stimulants

-parts of the body


"The Flasher"

-Exposes genitals to unsuspecting strangers

-Element of Risk is Important

-Not Harmless

-Many Rape/Molest


"Peeping Tom"

-Watching unsuspecting strangers naked or undressing

Transvestic Fetishism

"Cross Dresser"

-Sexual Arousal by dressing in clothes of the opposite sex

-Most are male heterosexual

-Most are married

Sexual Sadism and Masochism

The "Sadist"

-Sexual aroused by inflicting pain, humiliating, dominating, beating

The "Masochist"

-Suffers from Pain/humiliation

-helps the sadist

Pedophilia and Incest


-Sexual attraction to children

-more aroused to young children


-children related to perpetrator

-may be aroused to adults

Other forms of Paraphilia

Frotteurism - Rubbing

Necrophilia - Corpses

Klismaphilia - Enemas

Coprophilia - Feces

Zoophilia - Animals

Scatologia - Obscene phone calls

Psychosocial Contributions to causes of Paraphilic disorders

-Inability to develop adequate relationships

-Early "unusual" Sexual experiences

-Persons early sexual fantasies

-excessive sex drive and suppression

-specific causes are still unclear

Psychosocial treatment of Paraphilic disorders

-Suppression (Paradoxically backfires)

-Covert Sensitization

-Orgasmic Reconditioning

-Relapse Prevention


-Drug treatments: Anti-Androgens

Reduces testosterone levels

-eliminates sexual desire/fantasy

-use for sex offender

-only temporary solution