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Treaty of San Ildefonso
transferred power over the Louisiana Territory from Spain to France
John Adams
lost power & wasn't re-elected in 1800. Made people angry w/ Alien & Sedition Acts
Electoral College
in 1800 Jefferson & Burr tied with 73 votes, Adam had 65
Aaron Burr
Jefferson's VP
Revolution of 1800
what Jefferson called his election. End of Federalist party
Thomas Jefferson
3rd President after Adams
Alien & Sedition Acts
repealed. expired in 1801 required 5 years to become a citizen
Excise Tax
repealed. It bred bureaucrats. Bore heavily on farmers in particular
Albert Gallatin
Secretary of Treasury for TJ. Saw nation debt = bad wanted to reduce it while balancing the budget
Judiciary Act of 1801
16 new federal judgeships/judicial offices. Controversy over the potential court packing
John Marshall
Chief Justice under John Adams
William Marbury
midnight judge under Adams as a justice of the peace for D.C not allowed to take his post by Madison & sued
James Madison
Sec. of State. Withheld Marbury's post for his judicial appointment
Marbury vs. Madison 1803
implemented judicial review as a role of the Supreme Court
Samuel Chase
Supreme Court justice w/ impeachment charges by The House but Senate didn't convict him
Barbary Pirates
North African demanded $ for protection until TJ began Tripolitan War
Tripolitan War
a/g Barbary Pirates peace treaty signed w/ Tripoli in 1805 ended our ties w/ them
New Orleans/ Right of Deposit
Allowed Americans to warehouse goods w/o paying taxes
Louisiana Territory
Held by Spain ceded to France secretly
France 1800
James Monroe/ Robert Livingstion
sent by TJ to negotiate the purchase of New Orleans
Santo Domingo
Sugar Island w/ slave revolt that Napoleon failed 2 put down, wanted Louisiana to supply it
Toussaint L'Ouverture
leader of Latin America revolutions including Santo Domingo
Louisiana Purchase
$15 Million
Meriwether Lewis
TJ's person Secretary explored in 1804
William Clark
Army Officer
Shoshone Indian guide/interpreter
Zebulon Pike
explored Mississippi River 1805-1806 & 1807 traveled 2 Colorado
Aaron Burr Conspiracies
w/ Gen. Wilkinson wanted 2 separate West from East expanded into Mexico & Florida
1804 Election
British Orders in Council
1806 closed European ports under French control unless vessels stopped @ British ports
Impressment of Sailors
draft of sailors
Chesapeake incident 1807
British demanded surrender of 4 deserters, captain said no, British killed 3 and hurt 18
Embargo Act
forbade exports of all goods from US
Non-Intercourse Act 1809
re-opened trade with every1 but Britain and France
Two-term tradition
set by Washington carried on by TJ
James Madison 2
elected in 1808 from VA
Macon's Bill No. 2
bargaining measure re-opened trade w/ world Britain & France would be re-opened if repealed commercial restrictions
War Hawks
hotheads in Congress from South & West wanted War
Henry Clay
War Hawk from Kentucky
Shawnee chief who created an Indian confederacy to stop westward movement of whites
Gen. William Henry Harrison
leader of Americans @ Battle of Tippecanoe & Battle of Thames
Battle of Tippecanoe 1811
Ended Indian confederacy
War Declaration 1812
War a/g Great Britain