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the built up space of the central city and suburbs. Focuses on howcities function, their internal systems and structures, and the externalinfluences on them.


innermost zone wherenonresidential activities are concentrated, very few residences exist in thisring and property costs are high

CBD=Central BusinessDistrict

continuously built uplandscapes of buildings and populations that political boundaries are simplyimaginary lines that separate them

urbanized area

area that are alsonucleated but use much land space for residences of people that work in or nearcities


a central country orcountries which at least one urbanized area of that least 50,000 people plusadjacent outlying countries w a large number of residents that commute in.

metropolitan area (MSA

the internal physicalattributes of a place, including its absolute location, its spatial character,and physical setting


the external locationattributes of a place; its relative location or regional position withreference to other non-local places.


Developed by ErnestBurgess. Model of Chicago. The model divides the city into 5 concentric zones,defined by their function.

The concentric zone model

Developed Homer Hoyt.Focused on residential patterns. Proposes that the city grows outward from thecenter. Divided into high, intermediate, and low rented residential.

The sector model

growth of areas on thefringes of cities


extended urban area,typically consisting of several towns merging with the suburbs of one or morecities.


chain of roughly adjacentmetropolitan area


large polycentric urbanized region in the u.s state of northCarolina that forms the northern section. Semicircular band of cities and townsextending from Raleigh to Charlotte.

piedmont urban crescent-