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the internet can be used for
estimating potential consumers
estimating qualification study
consumer survey
product or service design
internet can be used as a
research medium through tv, computer based surveys, in store research
Many benefits
low cost, speed emails, data quality, flexibility, interactivity
variety of online environments
web, chatrooms, email, discussion groups
moderator posting questions by e-mail to a small group of respondents, collating and summarizing their answers, and sending these to the group for comment
Collected off- line
personal or socio-demographic information that is usually requested in questionnaire surveys to help establish the characteristics of the sample
What can be done to gather quantitative information
distributed by email or placed on websites
controlled sample method
recruiting people from a reputable sampling frame
omnibus panels
provide a controlled sample of pre-screened individuals
open to all methods
broadcasting e-mails to all and sundry, or posting a questionnaire on a public website (with or without attendant publicity), and accepting responses from all who reply, or inviting members of a discussion group or chat forum to contact the researcher
what is important when doing online ads
what can be done to encourage people to take questionnaires and surveys
send out invites, design survey instrument, provide incentive
four ways to gather marketing research?
e-mail questionnaires, Web questionnaires, public chat and discussion groups, and on-line focus groups
how can email be used as a survey instrument
Embed questions in the body of an e-mail message;
• Include questions in a document attached to the e-mail message which the user is invited to extract and complete
• Provide a link in an e-mail message to a survey instrument located elsewhere
What are web questionnaires used for?
gather quantitative or other structured information
main drawback of web questionnaires
relatively small proportion of people who use the Web
offline sampling- web
a controlled source of e-mail addresses, and send e-mail questions to them
online sampling- web
to identify respondents to whom printed questionnaires are mailed
participant observation
If you register with a chat forum or discussion group, then you can join in with on-going discussions
non participant observation
Most chat forums and discussion groups permit non-registered users to listen in on conversations by members
One of the best-known methods of gathering unstructured, qualitative information
focus group
what happens with a focus group
evaluate the performance of existing products or services; to brainstorm new ideas; to test new products and services; and to pilot conventional surveys
disadvantage of online focus groups
• Participant contributions may depend on their typing ability.
• The unusual group dynamics and interaction procedures may be offputting to many participants.
• It can be difficult to gather attitudes based on the feel or smell of new products.