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Overall plan for incident attack and control established by the incident commander.
Methods of employing equipment and personnel on an incident to accomplish specific tactical objectives in order to achieve established strategic goals.
What is always the first priority on the fireground?
Rescue Operations
In situations that require using an aerial apparatus for rescue, what is the main objective?
To reach as amny victims or points of egress as possible with a minimum number of aerial movements.
When conducting aerial rescue operations, what is the order in which people are to be rescued?
1. Most severely threatened by conditionsof the hazard.
2. Largest number of groups of people.
3. Remainder of people in the hazard area.
4. People in exposed areas.
If a ladder is designed to be used in an unsupported position the tip should be placed how far above the target?
When maneuvering any aerial device to reach a victim trapped in an elevated position, where should the aerial device initially be aimed and why?
It should be aimed above then lowered to meet them that way if they are paniced they don't attempt to jump for the tip of the ladder or platform on approach.
There is no recorded failure of an aerial device that has had wht two things in place?
-Extension locks properly seated.
- device set at an angle of at least 50 degrees and properly loaded.
When positioning an aerial for a rescue from a window, how should the ladder be placed?
So that the first rung of the ladder tip is even with the windowsill.
Whe removing trapped victims from a roof how should the aerial ladder be placed? and aerial platform?
- the aerial ladder so that 6ft extends above the roofline
- Aerial platform so that it is just above the roof and just over the edge.
When rescuing victims off of a roof with a parapet, what may need to be used?
A roof ladder to get over the parapet to reach the aerial device.
How should a capable adult be brought down a ladder?
They should be guided down under their own power and a firefighter should always lead.
What are three methods for removing incapable or unconscious adults down an aerial ladder?
- Knee-sit method
- handrail slide
- Over-the-shoulder carry
Removal of a conscious victim to an aerial platform requires how many firefighters?
At least one preferably two
In the past aerial apparatus have been used in what two types of common water rescue?
- Vehicles that have been driven into high water across roadways.
- Removing people who have become trapped in a tree or similar object in a rain swollen moving body of water.
What are the first two options in aircraft rescue before using an aerial apparatus to remove victims?
1. Use the equipped escape shoots or slides at exit door openings.
2. Place a set of portable stairs at the exits.
A wire or plastic basket-type litter suitable for transporting victims from locations.
Stokes basket
Structure or separate part of the fireground to which the fire could spread.
Transfer of heatby the movement of heated fluids or gases, usually in an upward direction.
The transmission or transfer of heat energy from one body to another body at a lower temperature through intervening space by electromagnetic waves such as infared thermal waves, or X-rays.
What is one type of aerial device that is well suited for below grade rescue operations?
The three-boom articulating aerial platform
What conditions may affect exposure hazards?
- Weather
- Building Construction
- Spacing between the fire building and exposure
- Intensity of the fire
Will directing fire streams between the fire and the exposure reduce the chance of the exposure catching fire, why?
No, because radiant heat is transmitted through water.
An aerial fog stream may not be effective on exposure protection do to a variety of what variables?
- High wind conditions
- Excessive distance betweenthe nozzle and the exposure
- Extensiveheat from the fire evaporating the stream prior to contact with the target area
At what distance should the aerial device be positioned when setting up for vertical ventilation?
As close to the work area as possible.
For operational purposes, elevated water deliverysystems can be divided into what three categories?
- Aerial ladders with piped waterways and water towers
- Aerial ladders with detachable waterways
- Elevating platforms
A fully charged 100' section of 3" hose weighs nearly how many pounds?
When using a detachable ladder pipe, what is the 75-80-80 rule?
75 degree elevation
80% extended length
80psi nozzle pressure
Why is it good practice to set adjustable master stream nozzles to the "fog" setting when not in use?
This position is less dangerous in the event of unintentional charging.
What is the best way to try to blitz attack with an elevated master stream?
To try to deflect water off the ceiling of the fire room.
When elevated master streams are used in blitz attack, how long should they be flowed?
Only long enough to darken down the fire.
What are indicators of potential defensive attack?
- Fire or building conditions that prohibit safely advancing handlines into the building.
- The incident commander opts to sacrifice part of the building to the fire.
- Large amounts of water is needed to extinguish the fire.
When planning to use an aerial device to deploy non-aerated foam stream, What two important factors should be kept in mind?
1. You must use a fog nozzle to discharge the stream.
2. You must use AFFF or FFFP concentrates when applying nonaerated foam streams.
What are the techniques for applying foam to liquid fuel fires?
- Roll-on method
- Bank-down method
- Rain-down method