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What is homeostasis?

The process by which organisms keep their internal conditions fairly constant

What is the term for a group of organisms of one type living in the same place?


Biology is the study of what?

Living things

To observe a small living organisms, a scientist might use a(an).....

compound light microscope

A controlled experiment allows the scientist to isolate and test.....

a single variable

Which is NOT a unit of measurement in the International System of Units, or SI?


Scientific hypotheses must be proposed in a way that way?

enables them to be tested

An instrument used to separate cell parts according to density is the....


What are the three goals of science?

* To investigate and understand nature
* To explain events in nature
* To use those explanations to make useful predictions

The ability to reproduce results is an important part of any.......


In the metric system, the basic unit of length is the.....


Why do scientists publish the details of important experiments?

* Their work can be repeated
* Their experimental procedures can be reviewed
* Others can try to reproduce the results

Basic unit of mass in the International System of Units?


What is a theory?

A well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.

How can hypotheses arise?

prior knowledge, logical inferences, and imaginative guesses

What is the name given to the idea that life could arise from nonliving matter?

Spontaneous generation

The _______ microscope is generally used in high-school laboratories.


List the 5 steps of the scientific method in order

Problem, Hypothesis, Experiment, Conclusion, and Theory/Law.

Under what conditions would you use a compound light microscope and each type of electron microscope?

* You would use a light microscope to see living things and if you want to magnify up to 1000x.
* You would use a electron microscope to see dead things. A TEM to see 3D images/details inside and a SEM to see the surface of a nonliving object.

What are the 8 characteristics of living things?

* Living things are made up of units called cells.
* Living things reproduce.
* Living things are based on a universal genetic code.
* Living things grow and develop.
* Living things obtain and use materials and energy.
* Living things respond to their environment.
* Living things maintain a stable internal environment.
* Taken as a group, living things change over time.