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What do community health nurses promote?

Health and Welfare of clients across the lifespan and from diverse populations

What are the 3 community health nursing theories?

1. Nightingale's Theory of Environment

2. Health Belief Model

3. Milo's Framework for Prevention

Nightingale's Theory of Environment

Relationship between an individual's environment and health

Emphasizes preventative care

Health Belief Model

Purpose is to predict or explain health behaviors

Assumes that preventative health behaviors are taken primarily for the purpose of avoiding disease

Emphasizes change at the individual level

Milo's Framework for Prevention

Emphasizes change at the community level

Theorizes that behavior changes within a large number of people can ultimately lead to social change

What is a community?

A group of people and institutions that share geographic, civic, and/or social parameters

A community's health is determined by what?

The degree to which the community's collective health needs are identified and met

What are health indicators of a community?

1. Mortality rates

2. Disease prevalence

3. Levels of physical activity

4. Obesity

5. Tobacco use

6. Substance abuse

What is often used to describe the health status of a community and serve as targets for improvement of a community's health?

Health indicators

What is population-focused nursing?

Assessing to determine needs and intervening to protect and promote health, and preventing disease within a specific population

What is the focus care of Community-Based Nursing?

1. Individuals

2. Families

What is the focus care of Community-Oriented Nursing?

1. At-risk individuals, families, and groups

2. Community

What are the nursing activities for Community-Based Nursing?

illness care: Management of acute and chronic conditions in settings where individuals, families, and groups live, work, and "attend" (schools, camps, prisons)

What are the nursing activities for Community-Oriented Nursing?

Health care: Determining health needs of a community, and intervening at the individual, family, and group level to improve the collective health of the community

What is the focus care of Community Health Nursing Practice and Public Health Nursing Practice?

Synthesis of nursing and public health theory

What are the nursing activities of Community Health Nursing Practice?

Promote, preserve, and maintain the health of populations by the delivery of health services to individuals, families, and groups in order to impact "community health."

What are the nursing activities of Public Health Nursing Practice?

Promote, preserve, and maintain the health of populations through disease and disability prevention and health protection of the community as a whole.

What are the core functions of Public Health Nursing Practice?

  1. Systematic assessment of the health of populations
  2. Development of policies to support the health of populations
  3. Ensuring that essential health services are available to all persons