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It seperated from 2 words that are aster which means stars and onomy which means knowledge of. So, if you combine them together Astronomy means knowledge of the stars.
This is the object used before to tell what season it is.
These are patterns of stars at make a picture, like Leo the lion. Ancient people use these as their calendars.
Shooting stars
These are not really stars, they are meteors. Some say that if you see a shooting star and you make a wish, your wish will come true.
The sun pulls on the earth with this force. This is the force that keeps the earth in place.
Nicolas Copernicus
The man who discovered that the earth revolved around the sun.
Galileo Galilei
He is an astronomer who told us how to use telescopes.
Hubble space telescope
This is a telescope outside earth. It sends pictures from outer space to earth.
This is an object up in sspace that spins around another object.
Day 4 of God's creation
This is the day when god made the stars and planets.
Solar System
This is made out of 9 planets and the sun.
Gravitational pull
This is the pull that planets have in each other.
This is the American space program. It sends people and spaceships to outer space. This means national aeronautics and space administration.