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(T/F) The decision to use Server Core vs Full Installation has to be made at install time, and cannot be changed.


Hyper-V requires a ___-bit operating system


(T/F) There can only be one writeable domain-controller (DC) in an Active Directory domain


Which Windows Network Model is ideal for a smaller, unmanaged environment with a limited need for network resources?


(T/F) Fax server is supported on Windows Web Server 2008


What are the 4 Active Directory Service Containers?

Sites, Domains, Organizational Unit

Every Active Directory Service Container can be linked to a Group Policy Object (GPO), except ______


Which editions of WS2008 do not support Hyper-V?

Any 32-bit version of WS2008, and not Web Server 2008

(T/F) Windows Server 2008 64-bit version do not support 16-bit drivers


What are three new features of WS 2008?

1. Hyper-V

2. PowerShell

3. Network Access Protection (NAP)

What is special about Windows Server 2008, Datacenter Edition licensing?

The software is licensed on a "per-processor" basis

What is Windows PE?

PE stands for "Pre-installation Environment", and is used to:

1. Prepare a machine for installation

2. Copy disk images from network drives

3. Launch Windows Setup

What is Teredo?

Teredo is used as a bridge technology to allow IPv6 clients to communicate with IPv4 clients

(T/F) Group Policy Preferences are enforced, while Group Policy Objects are applied


(T/F) Server Core supports ASP.NET


What is the executable used to initiate installation of Server Roles on a WS2008 Server?

servermanager.exe -installrole

(T/F) WS2008 is based on the same codebase as Windows Vista


How can an Administrator implement Directory-based authentication without adding a DC to the network?

Install the AD Lightweight Directory Services Role

Windows Deployment Services is used to deploy ____ across the network


What is a multimaster replication model?

Multiple master configuration allows all domain controllers (DCs) to maintain the same read and write security databases.