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Which portion of the oviduct "catches" the ooctye following ovulation?


Which of the following is the primary tissue responsible for suspending the female reproductive tract in the body and is a continuation of the peritoneum.

Broad Ligament

2 layers of follicular cells, no Antrum

Secondary Follicle

Contains Fluid filled cavity; looks like a blister on the ovary surface

Antral Follicle

Oocyte (egg) surrounded by a single layer of cuboidal epithelial cells

primary follicle

Produces Progesterone

Corpora Lutea

*Uterine Anatomy Match

#1 Simplex- no uterine Horns

#2 Duplex- two cervices

#3 Bicornuate- poorly to moderately developed uterine horns

#4 Bicornuate- highly developed uterine horns

#1 Primates

#2 Marsupials, Rabbits

#3 Mare, Cow

#4 Bitch,Queen, Sow

The mucosa and the submucosa of the uterus comprise the _______________.


Name the part of the female reproductive tract that is analogous to the penis in that it is composed of erectile tissue and is covered with stratified squamous epithelial cells.


*Cervical Anatomy Match

1. Single ring protruding into the cervical canal

2. Multiple rings or fold protruding into the cervical canal (corkscrew or spiral like)

3. Multiple rings or folds protruding into the cervical canal (interlocking)

4. Loose folds of mucosa that protrude into the vagina

1. Bitch, Queen

2. Sow

3. Cow, Ewe

4. Mare