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A group of two or more integrated hard disks is called a ________ .
Most manufacturers guarantee their hard disks to last approximately ________ years.
three to five
Before any data can be read from or written on a hard disk, however, the disk must be ________ .
________ enable mobile users easily to transport digital photos, music, videos, or other files to and from mobile devices and computers or other devices.
Memory cards
If your computer or printer does not have a built-in card slot, you can purchase a ________ , which is a device that reads from and writes on memory cards.
card reader/writer
Optical discs store items by using microscopic ________ (indentations) and lands (flat areas) that are in the middle layer of the disc.
A ________ is an optical disc on which users can write once, but not erase, their own items, such as text, graphics, and audio.
Enterprise hardware often includes levels of ________ , which means that if one component fails or malfunctions, another can assume its tasks.
Off-loading all (or at least the backup) storage management to an outside organization or a cloud storage provider, a practice known as ________ .
Some RAID levels use a technique called ________ , which splits data, instructions, and information across multiple disks in the array.
A network attached storage server, often called a ________ , has its own IP address, usually does not have a keyboard or display, and contains at least one hard disk, often configured in a RAID.
storage appliance
A ________ is a small, rectangular, plastic housing for tape.
tape cartridge
Hard drives, flash memory storage, and optical discs all use ________ , which means that the device can locate a particular file immediately, without having to move consecutively through items stored in front of the desired file.
direct access
A(n) ________ , which is an alternative to a magnetic stripe card, stores data on an integrated circuit embedded in the card.
smart card
Microfilm and microfiche have the ________ of any storage media.
longest life