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The maximum average data rate that a service provider guarantees to a customer is known as the __________.

Committed Information Rate

In what situation would it be best to use Frame Relay subinterfaces?

any time EIGRP or OSPF is used across the Frame Relay cloud

If Inverse ARP is not available for use, how can a network administrator still provide a Frame Relay connection to the service provider and forward routing updates?

Use static mapping with the broadcast keyword.

Which bit is set by a Frame Relay switch to inform the source station that there is congestion on the network?


Frame Relay term

used to obtain neighbor IP address

Inverse ARP

Frame Relay term

a unique connection number


Frame Relay term

used as a result of congestion


Frame Relay term

a connection between two sites


What are two reasons Frame Relay is more cost-effective than leased lines? (Choose two.) time division multiplexing

-uses less equipment

-shares bandwidth across a large customer base

What is different about using IPv6 with Frame Relay compared to using IPv4?

the protocol to obtain the Layer 3 address of the opposite device

What keyword is used in a Frame Relay static map configuration when OSPF is used among various sites of a corporation?


How are Frame Relay virtual circuits identified?


A router in a Frame Relay network needs to forward a message received from a host. What two methods does the router use to identify the correct VC to forward the message? (Choose two.)

- The router searches Inverse ARP tables for maps of DLCIs to IP addresses.

- A table of static mappings can be searched.

What is an advantage of configuring subinterfaces in a Frame Relay environment?

reduces split horizon issues

What are three mechanisms used by Frame Relay to reduce network overhead caused by congestion? (Choose three.)