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Who united Upper and Lower Egypt and made a double crown?
Who conquered the Egyptians?
The Hyksos
Did Upper or Lower Egypt wear the red crown?
Lower Egypt
What were horse drawn chariots,swords, and metal armor a part of?
What two different kingdoms were separated by the desert?
Lower and Upper Egypt
The Egyptians drove who out around 1574 BC?
The Hyksos
Who had total power over their people?
The Pharaohs
What are some of the world's greatest marvels?
Did Upper or Lower Egypt wear the white crown?
Upper Egypt
What was built by Khufu around 2600 BC.,500 ft tall, took 10,000 workers and 20 years to build, and has the Sphinx's face that looks like Khufu's children?
The Great Pyramid
Who organized religion?
The Government under the Pharaohs
Who had to give the pharaohs 3/5 of their crops?
The Farmers
What is a group of lands and people under one government?
An Empire
What were the tombs of the pharaohs in?
What is the capital city of Ancient Egypt?
What place had extensive trade?
What declined around 1100 BC?
The Egyptian Empire