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Acute illness
typically characterized by severe symptoms of relatively short duration
"the extent to which an individual's behavior (for example, taking medications, following diets, or making lifestyle changes) coincides with medical or health advice; commitment or attachment to a regimen"
Chronic illness
"illness that lasts for an extended period of time, usually greater than 6 months"
an alteration in body function resulting in a reduction of capacities or shortening of the normal life span
the causal relationship between a problem and its related or risk factors
the period during a chronic illness when symptoms reappear after remission
Health behaviors
"the actions a person takes to understand his or her health state, maintain an optimal state of health, prevent illness and injury, and reach his or her maximum physical and mental potential"
Health beliefs
concepts about health that an individual believes are true
Health status
the health of a person at a given time
"a highly personal state in which the person feels unhealthy or ill, may or may not be related to disease"
Illness behavior
the course of action a person takes to define the state of his or her health and pursue a remedy
the values and behaviors adopted by a person in daily life
Locus of control (LOC)
a concept about whether clients believe their health status is under their own or others' control
a period during a chronic illness when there is a lessening of severity or cessation of symptoms
Risk factors
factors that cause a client to be vulnerable to developing a health problem
"a subjective perception of balance, harmony, and vitality"
a state of well-being; engaging in attitudes and behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential