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We define a ________ as anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need.
________ are a form of product that consists of activities, benefits, or satisfactions offered for sale that are essentially intangible and do not result in the ownership of anything.
A product is a key element in the ________. At one extreme, it may consist of pure tangible goods or at the other extreme, pure services.
Market Offering
To differentiate themselves, many companies are going beyond products and services, they are developing and delivering customer ________.
Product planners need to consider products and services on three levels. Each level adds more customer value. The most basic level is the ________, which addresses the question, "What is the buyer really buying?"
Core Customer Value
The third level of a product that product planners must consider is a(n) ________ around the core benefit and actual product that offers additional consumer services and benefits.
Augmented Product
Product planners must design the actual product and find ways to ________ it in order to create the bundle of benefits that will provide the most satisfying customer experience.
Products and services fall into two broad classifications based on the types of consumers that use them. Which is one of these broad classes?
Industrial Products
________ are products and services bought by final consumers for personal consumption. These include convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, and unsought products.
Consumer Products
________ are less frequently purchased consumer products and services that customers compare carefully on suitability, quality, price, and style. Consumers spend much time and effort in gathering information and making comparisons about these products.
Shopping Products
________ are consumer products and services with unique characteristics or brand identification for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchase effort.
Specialty Products
________ are consumer products that the consumer either does not know about or knows about but does not normally think about buying. These products require a lot of advertising, personal selling, and other marketing efforts.
Unsought Products
________ are those products purchased for further processing or for use in conducting a business.
Industrial Products
Most manufactured materials and parts are sold directly to ________. Price and service are the major marketing factors; branding and advertising tend to be less important.
Industrial Users
________ are industrial products that aid in the buyer's production or operations, including installations and accessory equipment.
Capital Items
________ consists of activities undertaken to create, maintain, or change the attitudes and behavior of target consumers toward an organization.
Organization Marketing
________ consists of activities undertaken to create, maintain, or change attitudes toward particular people.
Person Marketing
________ involves activities undertaken to create, maintain, or change attitudes toward particular cities, states, and regions.
Place Marketing
________ is defined as the use of commercial marketing concepts and tools in programs designed to influence individuals' behavior to improve their well being and that of society.
Social Marketing
Public health campaigns to reduce alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, and obesity are all examples of ________.
Social Marketing
Developing a product or service involves defining the benefits that it will offer. These benefits are communicated and delivered by ________ such as quality, features, and style and design.
Product Attributes
________ is one of the marketer's major positioning tools because it has a direct impact on product or service performance; it is therefore closely linked to customer value and satisfaction.
Product Quality
________ is an approach in which all the company's people are involved in constantly improving the products, services, and business processes.
Total quality management
What are the two dimensions of product quality?
Consistency and Level
Which of the following types of quality refers to freedom from defects and consistency in delivering a targeted level of performance?
A stripped-down model without any extras is the starting point; a company can create a higher-level model by adding ________.
In assessing which new features to add to a product, a company must weigh each feature's ________ to customers versus its ________ to the company.
Value; Cost
A sensational ________ may grab attention and produce pleasing aesthetics, but it does not necessarily improve a product's performance.
________ contributes to a product's usefulness as well as to its looks.
A(n) ________ is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of these, that identifies the maker or seller of a product or service.
________ involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.
In recent years, product safety and environmental responsibility have become major ________ concerns.
At the very least, the ________ identifies the product or brand. It might also describe several things about the product and promote the brand.
The ________ requires sellers to provide detailed nutritional information on food products.
Nutritional Labeling and Educational Act of 1990
________ has been affected by the need to include unit pricing, open dating, and nutritional information.
Many companies now use a combination of phone, e-mail, fax, Internet, and other technologies to provide ________ .
Support Services
A ________ is a group of products that are closely related because they function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer groups, are marketed through the same type of outlets, or fall within given price ranges.
Product Line
The major product line decision involves ________.
Product Line Lenght
Berkowitz Piano Company can expand its product line in one of two common ways. Which of the following is one of those ways?
Line Filling
An alternative to product line stretching is ________, adding more items within the present range of the line
Product Line Filling
When a company lengthens its product line beyond its current range, it is ________.
Product Line Stretching
A ________ consists of all the product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale.
Product Mix
Product mix ________ refers to the number of different product lines the company carries. Procter & Gamble markets 250 brands organized into many product lines.
Product mix ________ refers to the number of versions offered of each product in the line. Crest toothpaste comes in 13 varieties, ranging from Crest Multicare to Crest Baking Soda formulations.
The ________ of the product mix refers to how closely related the various product lines are in end use, production requirements, distribution channels, or some other way.
A company can increase its business in four ways. Which is NOT one of these ways?
It can discontinue some of its lines
Some analysts see ________ as the major enduring asset of a company, outlasting the company's specific products and facilities.
A ________ involves the use of a successful brand name to launch new or modified products in a new category.
Brand Extension
Which of the following is a potential drawback of multibranding?
The company's resources may be spread over too many brands
Which strategy involves weeding out weaker brands and focusing marketing dollars only on brands that can achieve the number-one or number-two market share positions in their categories?
Major brand marketers often spend huge amounts on advertising to create brand ________ and to build preference and loyalty.
While advertising campaigns can help to create name recognition, brand knowledge, and maybe even some brand preference, brands are not maintained by advertising but by ________.
Brand Experience
Service providers must consider four special characteristics when designing marketing programs. Which is NOT one of these characteristics?
Interactive Marketing
________ means that services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before they are bought.
Service Intangibility
________ means that services cannot be separated from their providers, whether the providers are people or machines.
Service Inseparability
Which of the following is NOT one of the links in the service-profit chain, linking service firm profits with employee and customer satisfaction?
Evidence Management
Through ________, the service firm trains and motivates its customer-contact employees and supporting service people to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction.
Internal Marketing
Because service quality depends on the quality of buyer-seller interaction during the service encounter, service marketers use ________ to train employees in the art of interacting with customers to satisfy their needs.
Interactive Marketing
All of the following are methods for developing a differentiated service offer, delivery, or image EXCEPT ________.
Increase the quantity of service by giving up some quality
When the Twin Six Cafe provides gourmet menu options to its customers, as well as impeccable servicewhich even allows customers to hand-select their own cuts of meat________ is(are) are evident.
a core benefit, an actual product, and an augmented product
A hickory rocking chair, handmade by an Amish woodcarver in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from locally grown wood is an example of a(n) ________.
Specialty Product
You have an upset stomach. Your spouse rushes to the corner convenience store for a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. This product is a(n) ________ product.
Mabel Lu is planning to buy a new washing machine. She notices that they come in numerous price ranges. She wants to make sure she gets the most for her money. This product is a(n) ________ product.
Which of the following does NOT belong to the materials and parts group of industrial products?
Repair and Maintenance Items
Which of the following capital items is NOT considered accessory equipment?
Paper, pencils, lubricants, paint, nails, and brooms are examples of ________.
General Electric's campaign stating, "We bring good things to life" is an example of ________.
Corporate Image Marketing
"I love New York" is an example of ________.
Place Marketing
The Ad Council of America has developed dozens of ________ marketing campaigns, including classics such as "Smokey the Bear," "Keep America Beautiful," and "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires."
To achieve their social change objectives, social marketing programs ________.
C) work to influence individuals' behavior to improve their well-being
D) utilize all of the Ps in the marketing mix
Which of the following is the most important for product designers to consider as they develop a product?
how consumers will use and benefit from the product
Helene Curtis began to market shampoo for normal hair. In an attempt to increase profits and use excess market capacity, Helene Curtis then marketed shampoo for oily hair and color-treated hair. This is an example of ________.
Line Filling
Which of the following is(are) examples of product line depth?
Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Coke and Diet Coke
An apparel marketer is planning to launch an existing brand name into a new product category. Which brand development strategy is being implemented?
Brand Extension
Manor Plaza Barber's customers have noticed that the quality of a haircut depends on who provides it as well as when, where, and how it is provided. What have the customers noticed?
Service Variability
The impossibility of a barber storing haircuts for later sale is an example of which of the following?
Service Perishability
Gina's Nail Salon is serious about pleasing its customers. Employees are trained to immediately and pleasantly respond to any customer complaints, and they are empowered to offer discounts and free add-ons to customers who believe they have received anything less than the best service. Gina's Nail Salon focuses on ________.
Good Service Recovery
An easier, more comfortable, more stylish transfer of thought onto paper is the ________ of Herb's offerings.
Core Customer Value
What type of consumer products does Marks manufacture?
The new felt-tip pens, multiple-cartridge pens, and quills are all examples of ________.
Product Line Filling
A service is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need. T or F?
Sony offers consumers more than just camcorders; it provides consumers with a complete solution to their picture-taking problems. This offering is called an augmented product. T or F?
Unsought products are products that the customer usually buys frequently, immediately, and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort. T or F?
Shopping products are less frequently purchased consumer products and services that customers compare carefully on suitability, quality, price, and style. T or F?
Style is a larger concept than design. Design describes the appearance of a product. T or F?
Branding can add consumer value to a product. T or F?
Because so many purchase decisions are made in stores, a product's packaging may be a seller's last and best chance to influence consumers. T or F?
Product support services identify the product or brand, describe several things about the product, and promote the product through attractive graphics. T or F?
Quaker produces a variety of cereals. This variety is called its product line. T or F?
Cannibalization and customer confusion about product differentiation are two potential results if line filling is overdone. T or F?
A company can stretch its product either upward or downward, but not both directions. T or F?
A company might stretch its product line upward to add prestige to its current products. T or F?
A company's product mix has four important dimensions: width, length, depth, and consistency. T or F?
Customers come to know a brand through a wide range of contacts and touch points, including word of mouth, personal interactions with company people, telephone interactions, and company Web pages. T or F?
An example of service variability is that within a given Marriott hotel, one registration-desk employee may be cheerful and efficient, whereas another may be unpleasant and slow. T or F?
Service inseparability means that the quality of services depends on who provides them, as well as when, where, and how they are provided. T or F?
In a service business, the customer and front-line service employee interact to create the service. T or F?
The service-profit chain is the set of all product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale. T or F?
One aspect of managing service differentiation is the company's service delivery. T or F?
Customer retention is perhaps the best measure of qualitya service firm's ability to hang on to its customers depends on how consistently it delivers value to them. T or F?
Good service recovery can turn angry customers into loyal customers and can even win more customer purchasing and loyalty than if no problem had occurred in the first place.