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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the endocrine system?

Endocrine processes elicit more rapid responses to body changes than the nervous system does.

Hormones can alter target cell operations by controlling ________.

the rates of enzymatic secretions, the transmembrane transport of chemical substances, and gene expression and protein synthesis

In order for a molecule to be considered a hormone, it must meet each of the following criteria EXCEPT ________.

that hormones are very small, water-soluble molecules

Steroid hormones ________.

elicit their physiological effect within the target cell's nucleus by initiating transcription and translation

Hormones known as catecholamines are __________.

water-soluble derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine

Endocrine organ release of a hormone can be effectively controlled by ________.

negative feedback loop mechanisms

Which of the following hormones is NOT synthesized by the anterior pituitary gland (=adenohypophysis)?


What gland, other than the pituitary gland, is the result of two different glands fusing during development?

The adrenal gland

Which of the following organs produces and releases steroid hormones?

Adrenal cortex, gonads, placenta

Which of following is a peptide hormone characteristic?

Form a hormone-receptor complex on the cell membrane

Which of the following describes the anatomical control pathway for cortisol secretion?

Hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, adrenal cortex

Which of the following cortisol hypersecretion scenarios points to an example of a primary endocrine disorder?

An adrenal tumor-induced increase in cortisol, followed by decreased CRH, leading to decreased ACTH

Which of the following statements about amino acid-derived hormones is true?

Amino acid-derived hormones can be transported by being dissolved in plasma or bound to carrier proteins.

Which of the following is NOT a peptide hormone?


Trophic hormones are hormones that control the secretion of another hormone, true or false?