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In its promotional material for bed linens, Scarsdale Corporation states that all sheets and pillowcases sold to customers should have and actually do have a thread count of exactly 600 threads per inch. Scardale is apparently emphasizing:

conformance quality

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Quality dimensions are easy to measure for tangible goods, while they are difficult to measure for services

Stu Johnson, CEO of Johnson, Inc., attended a seminar on Total Quality Management. Which of the following is NOT something he is likely to have learned at that seminar?

Quality is primarily the responsibility of the operations management.

Variability as the source of most quality problems was a major contribution of which quality management thought leader?


"Zero defects" is a concept of quality management of which thought leader?


Sanford Corp. bought new technological systems to inspect the quality of products as they come off the production line. The expense of operating these systems would be an example of which of the following types of quality-related costs?

Appraisal costs

Xandu Inc. decided to increase the training received by new employees. The expense of this training is an example of which of the following costs of quality:

Prevention costs

The TQM view of organizational structure states that

management must support employees

All of the following represent external failure cost EXCEPT the cost of:

scrapping defective raw materials

"Quality at the source" suggests quality should be:

built into the product

Phil Bord is a CEO for a large auto manufacturer and is interested in improving the product quality. Phil had overheard his friend mention Six Sigma. Considering that Phil has no idea what Six Sigma is, what are some key points to help Phil out?

Six Sigma quality is the result of a well-defined and structured process

At the heart of the Six Sigma program is five-step process called D-M-A-I-C. These letters denote a major activity that must be completed to achieve the objective of Six Sigma. These activities are

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

ISO 9000 defines a set of internationally accepted standards for:

Business quality management

Which of the most important category (as evaluated in terms of weightings used by the outside assessors) of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program?

None of these is the most important for the award

Which of the following statements that might be made by a business executive best expresses the overall philosophy of Total Quality Management?

There's always room for improvement

If a product includes features that customers care most about, we would say that it has high:

design quality

If a tangible good or service performs the promised function dependably, we say that it has high:


Why is product quality sometimes poorly defined in a firm?

B. holistic measures of quality are difficult to develop.

C. Managers in different functional areas tend to emphasize different dimensions of quality.

D. Both B and C are correct

The types of costs included in a cost of quality analysis include:

prevention, appraisal, and failure

Maxmo Corporation identified the following costs for the most recent fiscal year:

Vendor Evaluation = $20,000

Design engineering = $100,000

Scrap = $15,000

Training= $30,000

Warranty = $40,000

What was Maxmo's total prevention cost for the year?


If a company spends more on prevention, what would be the expected impact on the other costs of quality?

Failure costs will go down

The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is best defined as:

A method used to guide problem identification and solution

An application of the DMAIC process to product design is known as:

Design for Six Sigma

A process with Six Sigma quality is expected to produce how many defects?

3.4 defects per million opportunities