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Townshend Acts
placed duties on imported glass, lead, paint, paper and tea
-money was collected and used for salaries of colonial governors and military duties
writs of assistance
allowed tax collectors to to search for smuggled goods
Daughters of Liberty
women who supported the boycott
John Hancock
accused tax collectors of punishing him because he opposed the Townshend Acts
info giving only one side in an argument
What was the solution the British East India Company offered Parliament?
if allowed to sell tea directly to the colonies, the company could charge low prices and still get a profit
Tea Act
passed by Parliament in 1773
Boston Tea Party
colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor
Parliament passed the ________ as a punishment.
Intolerable Acts
Intolerable Acts
1. Boston Harbor was closed until the tea was paid for
2. Massachusetts charter was cancelled
3. Royal officials accused of crime were sent for trial
4. Quartering Act forced colonists to house British soldiers
5. General Thomas Gage became the new gov of Mass.