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What are the 6 parts of a personal auto policy (PAP)?

Part A — Liability Coverage;

Part B — Medical Payments Coverage;

Part C — Uninsured Motorist Coverage;

Part D — Coverage for Damage to Your Auto;

Part E — Duties After an Accident or Loss;

Part F — General Provisions.

What is bodily injury?

bodily harm, sickness or disease, including death that results from the injury.

What is property damage?

physical injury, destruction or loss of use of tangible property.

What is a trailer?

A vehicle designed to be pulled by a private passenger auto, pickup or van, or farm wagons and implements while towed by any of the above vehicle types.

If the vehicle is in addition to the listedvehicles the policy will grant coverage but only if the insurer is notified within ___ of the insured becoming the owner.

14 days

What is a collision?

Theupset or impact of a covered vehicle or nonowned auto with another vehicle orobject.

What are the losses included in comprehensive (aka other-than-collision)?

Missiles or falling objects


Theft or larceny;

Explosion or earthquake;


Hail, water, or flood;

Vandalism or malicious mischief;

Riot or civil commotion;

Contact with birds or animals;

Breakage of glass.

When does collisionCoverage and/or Other Than Collision Coverage for a newly acquired autobegin?

on the date the insured becomes the owner

If the insured incurs a loss within the first 4 days of ownership, coverage may still be requested (within the first 4days), and a ___ deductible will apply.


What is meant by occupying a vehicle?

In, upon, getting in, on, out of, or off avehicle.

What are the 4 types of autos?

owned, nonowned, hired and temporary substitute

___ autos are those eligible vehicles titled by the insured or acquired during thepolicy period.


Autos leased, hired, rented, or borrowed fromemployees are considered ___ automobiles.


___ automobiles include those that are leased, hired, rented, or borrowed,excluding autos that are owned by employees.


Under the supplementary payments provision, theinsurer promises to cover bail bonds up to ____.


Under the supplementary payments provision, the insurer promises to pay for other reasonable expenses, up to ____ per day.


Under a personal auto policy, the insured maychoose between 2 types of liability limits. What are they?

1. Split limit

2. Combined single.

Split limits are always expressed in this order: 25/50/25 would provide $25,000 coveragefor ___ per person, with a maximum of $50,000 for ____, and $25,000 ___ per accident.

bodily injury per person,

all bodily injuries,

property damage coverage

Combinedsinglecoverage uses ___ indicating the maximum coverage for all losses – regardless of the number ofpeople involved or the amount of property damaged.

one dollar amount,

Ifa covered auto is involved in an auto accident that occurs in any state orCanadian province other than the one in which the auto is principally garaged, the ____ will apply.

out­-of-­state coverage

If the state or province has a financialresponsibility law specifying limits of liability higher than the limits shownin the Declarations, what will the insured's policy provide?

will provide the higher specified limits

The liability section also includes the ___ clause, which states that if there is otherinsurance available to pay for a covered loss, the insurer will only pay itsshare of the loss.

other insurance

Medical payments coverage:

Expenses and services must be rendered within ___ of the accident.

3 years

___ coverage provides the insured with moneyfor bodily injuries that the insured would be legally entitled to recover fromthe owner or operator of a vehicle that does not carry the required liabilityinsurance coverage.

Uninsured motorist (UM)

Avehicle that does not carry the required insurance is defined in this sectionof the PAP as an ___.

uninsured vehicle

___ coverage helps an insured with bodily injury damage causedby another motorist when that motorist has insufficient coverage.

Underinsured motorists (UIM)

What will UIM coverage pay for?

Insured's UIM limits – Driver's BI limits = Amount paid by UIM coverage

(i.e. the difference between the insured's UIM limits and the at-­fault driver's bodily injury limits.)

Bobhas bodily injury limits of 25/50. Bob causes a car accident in which Zoe isinjured. Zoe's bodily injury damages come to $65,000. Bob's bodily injurycoverage will only pay for ___ of Zoe's damages, leaving her with ___ to pay.

$25,000, $40,000

1. If Zoe's underinsured motorist limits are100/150, what will her UIM coverage pay?

the remaining $40,000 of BI damages.

IfZoe's limits are 50/100, her UIM coverage will pay for what?

Will only pay another $25,000 of the $40,000 in BI damages.

The remaining $15,000 would not be covered by insurance.

Coveragefor Damage to Your Auto, commonly called ___, includes both collision andother than collision coverage (previously referred to as comprehensive).

Physical damage coverage

Transportation expenses:

The policy will usually pay up to ___ perday up to a maximum of ___ (may vary by state) for transportationexpenses incurred by the insured due to a covered loss.

$20, $600

Trnsportation expensepayments begin after a ___ waiting period for reasons other than theft.

In the event of theft of a covered vehicle,expenses are covered beginning ___ after thetheft.

24-­hour, 48 hours


What exclusions apply?

(There are MANY)

While a covered vehicle is being used as a public livery,

Wear and tear

Radioactive contamination,

Electronic equipment that transmits audio, visual or data signals,

A total loss due to confiscation by governmental authorities;

awnings, cabanas,

custom furnishings,

racing contests

nonowned auto used in business or rented by insured from rental company

The ___ endorsement, only available if the policy includes Other Than Collisioncoverage, will reimburse the insured forrental charges incurred because the covered auto is out of use due to a coveredloss.

Rental Reimbursement

The limit of liability is the lesser of what two things?

1. The actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss (which includes an adjustment for depreciation and physical condition);

2. The amount necessary to repair or replace the vehicle.

Losses to nonowned autos will be covered thesame as the broadest coverage available for any covered auto, except nonownedtrailers are limited to ___.


Electronic equipment that is permanentlyinstalled in a location not normally used by the auto manufacturer is coveredup to ___.


What are the 4 Other Provisions for a PAP?

1. Payment of loss

2. No benefit to Bailee

3. Other sources of recovery

4. Appraisal

___ in the personal auto policy form describes theconditions that apply to all coverage parts in addition to the conditions thatapply to the individual coverages.

General Provisions

What is Insurerright to recover payment (subrogation)?

Subrogation rights apply to all coverages except physical damage coverage if the damage is caused by a person using the auto with a reasonable belief that they were entitled to do so.


In most states*, the insurer is required to provide:

___ notice if for nonpayment of premium or if the policy is canceled within the first 60 daysof initial coverage or

___ notice for all other reasons.

10 days', 20 days'

Transferof insured's interest in the policy (assignment)

The insured cannot transfer his or her rights orinterest in the policy without the written consent of the insurer.

If the namedinsured dies, coverage will be provided for whom?

the surviving spouse or legal representative of the insured, but only until the end of the policy period.

Selected Endorsement:

What does the special provisions endorsement (PP 01 94) state?

This endorsement requires that in the event ofcancellation, nonrenewal or any other modification that would cause the policynot to comply with the DMV financial responsibility requirements, the insurermust notify the DMV of such transaction for the purpose of identifyinguninsured vehicles.

Thetowing and labor costs endorsement provides a basic limit of ___ for towing and labor costs


The ___ endorsement can broaden the liability only, orliability and medical payments coverage provided in the policy for individualsspecifically named on the endorsement.

extended nonowned coverage for named individual

The ___ is used to expand the definition of a covered auto to includemotorized vehicles such as motorcycles, motor homes, golf carts, dune buggies,and other recreational vehicles.

miscellaneous type vehicle endorsement

The ___ endorsement is used when individuals own a vehicle together (insurableinterest), but do not meet the traditional definition of an insured in thepersonal auto policy.

joint ownership coverage

What are the 5 sections of the business auto coverageform?

1. Section I — Covered Auto;

2. Section II — Liability Coverage;

3. Section III — Physical Damage Coverage;

4. Section IV — Business Auto Conditions;

5. Section V — Definitions.

What does the covered auto section of a commercial autopolicy (Section I) explain?

the designation symbols used in that coverage form and states whether things such as newly acquired vehicles and temporary vehicles are covered.

What does SectionII — Liability coverage, or third­-party insurance, cover?

Covers the insured's legal responsibilities in an accident or negligent act. Liability coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage to others, as well as for legal fees incurred by defending the insured in a suit brought against the insured.

What does physicaldamage coverage (Section III) explain?

Explains coverage for damage done to the insured's property, including any covered autos. Physical damage coverage is personalized to each commercial auto coverage form.

The ___ section (Section IV) of an auto policy helps define coverage in more detail.

The ___ determine such things as policy period, coverage territory, andhow coverage will apply in certain situations.

conditions, conditions

The ___ section (Section V) of a commercial auto policy defines terms and phrases thatappear throughout the policy.


T or F:

The definition for auto includes mobile equipment.


What is included as mobile equipment?

Bulldozers, farm machinery, forklifts a

Vehicles that travel on crawler treads;

Vehicles that provide mobility to cranes,shovels, loaders or road construction equipment;

Vehicles that are not self-­propelled thatprovide mobility to compressors, pumps, spraying or welding equipment, or tocherry pickers and similar devices used to raise and lower workers.

Coverage for contracts is not included unlessthe contract falls within what parameters?

A lease of premises;

Easement or license agreement (except within 50feet of a railroad);

Indemnification of a municipality unless work isbeing done for a municipality;

Part of a contract (to include work for amunicipality) in which the tort (would be imposed in the absence of a contract)liability of another is assumed;

Rental agreements for "autos" but notfor the damage to the auto.

What are the FOUR different commercial auto coverages forms?

1. business auto CF

2. business auto physical damage CF

3. Garage CF

4. motor carrier CF

____ coverage form covers most commercial auto exposures,except truckers, garages and motor carriers

Business auto

____ coverage form provides physical damage protection only for theinsured's owned or hired business autos

Business auto physical damage

___ coverage formUsed for businesses that regularly have autos ofothers in their care, custody, or control.


___ coverage form covers businesses that transport either owned or nonowned property.

Motor carrier

What types of vehicles may be insured under thecommercial auto coverage?

trucks of all sizes

cabs, rental cars,

station wagons,

ambulances, fire trucks, cop cars

What is symbol 1 used with business auto coverage forms?

Anyauto, including owned, leased, hired, or borrowed autos (used only forliability coverage)

What is symbol 2 used with business auto coverage forms?

Ownedautos onlyː%

What is symbol 3 used with business auto coverage forms?

Ownedprivate passenger autos only

What is symbol 4 used with business auto coverage forms?

Ownedautos, other than private passenger autos only

What is symbol 5 used with business auto coverage forms?

Ownedautos subject to no-fault

What is symbol 6 used with business auto coverage forms?

Ownedautos subject to a compulsory uninsured motorist law

What is symbol 7 used with business auto coverage forms?

Specificallydescribed autos only

What is symbol 8 used with business auto coverage forms?

Hiredautos only (leased, hired, rented or borrowed other than from employees,partners or members of an LLC)

What is symbol 9 used with business auto coverage forms?

Nonownedautos only (autos that are not leased, hired, rented or borrowed. Coverage isincluded for autos owned by employees, partners and members, if an LLC, if usedin the insured’s business or personal affairs

What is symbol 19 used with business auto coverage forms?

Mobileequipment subject to compulsory, financial responsibility, or other motorvehicle insurance law only

What do the terms you and your used throughout the personal auto policy refer to?

The named insured shown in the Declarations;

The spouse of the named insured, if a resident of the same household.

If the spouse ceases to be a resident of the same household during the policy period or prior to the inception of the policy, the spouse will only be considered under the definition of you and your until the earlier of

The end of 90 days following the spouse's change of residency;

The effective date of another policy listing the spouse as a named insured;

The end of the policy period.

Newly acquired autos:

The policy will apply to any additional autos of thesame type that the insured acquires during the policy period if what symbols are shown?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

However,if symbol ___ is used, coverage for newly acquired vehicles applies if theinsurer already covers all autos owned by the insured or if the newly acquiredvehicle is replacing a previously owned auto that had that coverage.


If liability coverage is provided, what typesof other vehicles are also covered for liability?

Trailers with a load capacity of 2,000 pounds or less;

Mobile equipment while being carried or towed by a covered auto;

Temporary substitute vehicles used while a covered auto is out of service due to breakdown, repair, servicing, loss or destruction.

Section II — Liability Coverage states that thepolicy will pay for ___ or ___ to third parties caused byan accident resulting from the insured's ownership, maintenance, or use of anycovered auto.

bodily injury, property damage

Who is NOT considered an insured under Section II of the business auto coverage form?

-Owners of the auto (from whom an insured hiresor borrows an auto other than a trailer);

-Someone using a covered auto who is in thebusiness of selling, repairing, servicing, parking, or storing autos unless thebusiness is owned by the insured;

-Anyone, other than employees, partners, lessees,or borrowers, while moving property from a covered auto;

-Employees and partners for autos they own

Coverage Extensions
The insurer will pay the following supplementary payments in addition tothe limit of insurance for BI/PD:

Up to ___ for bail bonds;

The cost of bonds to release attachments;

Reasonable expenses incurred by the insured atthe insurer's request, including up to ___ per day for time off work;

Costs taxed against the insured in any suit;

Accrued interest on any judgment.

$2,000, $250

The last section under Section II — LiabilityCoverage concerns the ___ of insurance.

The ___ of liability for bodily injury andproperty damage can be expressed either as a single ___ or as split ___.

all blanks = limit(s)

___ coverage pays for loss or damage to a covered auto by anycause other than collision or overturn


___ coverage pays for loss to a covered auto if caused byfire, lightning, explosion, theft, mischief or vandalism, windstorm, hail,earthquake, or the sinking, burning, collision or derailment of any conveyancetransporting the covered auto;

Specified causes of loss

___ coverage pays for losses to a covered auto that resultfrom collision with another object or overturn;


___ coverage:

The insurer will pay for labor costs incurredbecause of a disabled auto, at the place of the disablement up to the towinglimit of insurance shown in the Declarations


What is the coverage for glass breakage, a loss caused byhitting a bird or animal or falling objects or missiles called?

Glass Breakage — Hitting a Bird or Animal — Falling Objects or Missiles

The maximum paid for loss of audio, video, and data electronic equipment is ___ for equipment permanently installed in the vehicle, or removable from a permanently installed housing unit


What types of risks are eligible for coverageunder the Garage Coverage Form?

(non)franchised auto dealers;

Truck, truck-­tractor and commercial trailer dealers;

Motorcycle, RV and mobile home dealers;

Automotive repair shops;

Service stations;

Car washes;

Storage garages and public parking facilities.

What are the 6 sections of the Garage Coverage form?

1. Section I — Covered Autos;

2. Section II — Liability;

3. Section III — Garagekeepers Liability

4. Section IV — Physical Damage Coverage;

5. Section V — Garage Conditions;

6. Section VI — Definitions.

___ is defined as the ownership, maintenance or use oflocations for garage business, including adjoining roads and other accesses. o It also includes the ownership, maintenance oruse of covered autos and all necessary or incidental operations.

Garage operations

____ includes

____ made or sold by the insured inthe garage business. It also includes the failure to provide warnings orinstructions.


___ includes work that someone performed on theinsured's behalf, and the providing of or failure to provide warnings orinstructions.

Work performed by the insured

What is symbol 21 used with for garage coverage forms?

any auto

What is symbol 22 used with for garage coverage forms?

owned auto only

What is symbol 23 used with for garage coverage forms?

Ownedprivate passenger autos only

What is symbol 24 used with for garage coverage forms?

Ownedautos, other than private passenger autos only

What is symbol 25 used with for garage coverage forms?

Ownedautos subject to no-fault

What is symbol 26 used with for garage coverage forms?

Ownedautos subject to a compulsory uninsured motorist law

What is symbol 27 used with for garage coverage forms?

Specificallydescribed autos only

What is symbol 28 used with for garage coverage forms?

Hired autos only (leased, hired, rented orborrowed by the insured, but not autos owned by employees, partners or members LLC)

What is symbol 29 used with for garage coverage forms?

Nonowned autos used in your garage business (forvehicles not owned, leased, hired, rented or borrowed by the insured alsoapplies to vehicles owned by employees, partners and members of an LLC)

What is symbol 30 used with for garage coverage forms?

Autos left with you for service, repair,storage, or safekeeping (used to provide Garagekeepers coverage for customersor employees and members of their household who pay for services)

What is symbol 31 used with for garage coverage forms?

Dealer’s autos (physical damage coverage)

The coverage will also apply to any additional autos of the sametype the insured acquires for the policy period for which symbols entered on the declarations?

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, or 26

However, if symbol ___ is used, coveragefor newly acquired vehicles is limited to ___ and only if all owned autos are covered unless the vehicle is a replacement fora covered vehicle.

27, 30 days

Section II — Liability Coverage is divided into 2 parts. What are they?

1. Garage Operations — Other than Covered Autos; 2. Garage Operations — Covered Autos.

For garage operations (other than covered autos), who is an insured?

The individual or organization named in the declarations;

Partners, employees, directors, officers and shareholders while acting within the scope of their duties.

What are the 17 exclusions of garage liability coverage?

1. expected or intended injury

2. contractual liability

3. workers compensation

4. employee indemnification & employer's liability

5. fellow employee

6. care, custody or control

7. leased autos

8. pollution other than covered autos

9. pollution covered autos

10. racing

11. water/aircraft

12. defective products

13. work performed

14. loss of use

15. product recall

16. war

17. dist. of material in violation of statutes

Loss of use resulting from sudden and accidentaldamage caused by a defect or deficiency after the insured's product or workperformed has been put to its intended use is ___.


There ___ coverage for heat, smoke or fumes that result from a hostilefire


autosrented to customers while their autos are being serviced ___ covered


The limit of liability insurance applicable to Garage Operations — Covered Autos is also stated as a peraccident limit, but it ___ subject to an annual aggregate

is not

TheGarage Liability Coverage includes a deductible provision not found in theBusiness Auto Coverage Form.

A ___ deductibleapplies for property damage to autos because of work done by the insuredbusiness.


The limit of insurance applicable to liabilitycoverage includes an ___limit of insurance that applies to GarageOperations — Other than Covered Autos


Garagekeepers coverage, which covers damage to customer's auto left in the insured's care, (which would normally beexcluded unless this coverage was purchased), is triggered by which symbol?

Symbol 30.

What is the LegalLiability (or Standard) coverage option?

Theinsurer has a right and duty to defend the insured against the insured seekingdamages unless the insurance does not apply.

The insurer can investigate andsettle the claims as they deem appropriate

If the insured would prefer the coverage betriggered without regards to liability, thena ___ must be activated in the declarations page and the additional premium paid.

Direct Coverage Option

____ option remains a legal liability coverage, but coverage is given back on anexcess basis over any amount collectible under the customer's personal autoinsurance without regard for the insured's legal liability.

Excess insurance

Under the ___ option,the garagekeepers coverage will pay as the primary insurer for any loss ordamage to customers' vehicles regardless of whether there is other insuranceavailable to pay for the loss.

primary insurance

Section IV — Physical Damage Coverage

What are some additional exclusions in the garage form?

The insurer will not pay for loss of expected profit

Loss to a covered auto displayed or stored at a location not listed in the declarations for more than 45 days;

no collision coverage exists for covered autos while being driven or transported if the point of purchase and destination are more than 50 road miles apart;

If specified causes of loss are chosen, no coverage exists if the covered auto is being transported and a collision incident occurs to the vehicle transporting the covered auto.

Quarterly or Monthly Reporting Premium Basis

If thefirst report is late,the insurer will only pay ___ of the limit shown on the declarations.


The ___ coverage form can cover any carriers that transport goods, including privatecarriers (those who transport their own goods).

motor carrier

The ___ coverage will cover loss or damage to a nonownedtrailer in the insured's care, custody, or control if the insured islegally liable for the damage.

trailer interchange

The trailer interchange coverage will alsoprovide the same supplemental payments as the business auto policy except the cost of ___.

bail bonds.

If an insured has leased autos, the ___ endorsement (formerly called Additional Insured-­Lessor) may be used to provideliability and physical damage coverage for the interests of the lessor as anadditional insured.

Lessor — Additional Insured and Loss Payee

Under the business auto coverage form, ___ is covered for liability insurance when being carried or towed by acovered auto.

mobile equipment

T or F:

Commercialauto coverage forms automatically include medical payment coverage.


The ___ endorsement extends coverage from BusinessAuto, Business Auto Physical Damage, Garage, and Motor Carrier coverage formsto vehicles not owned, hired or borrowed by the named insured, and puts nostipulation that use must be in the course of business.

Drive Other Car Coverage

The ___ endorsement is used with the Business Autoand Motor Carrier coverage forms to insure a sole proprietor.

Individual Named Insured

Under the Individual Named Insured endorsement, physical damage coverage for nonowned trailersis limited to ___.


A ___ endorsement suspendscertain coverages for specified vehicles when the vehicles will not be used fora period of 30 days or more.

Suspension of Coverage

What is the federal body that regulates interstate truckers called?

the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The federal regulations that apply to contractcarriers (haul goods of others under contract), common carriers (haul goods foranyone for a fee), and freight forwarders are established in the ___.

Motor Carrier Act of 1980.

Under the Motor Carrier act of 1980, a minimum of ___ for the transportation of nonhazardous property by for­-hire carriers ininterstate commerce is required.


Under the Motor Carrier act of 1980, a minimum of ___ for the transportation of oil and certain categories of hazardouswaste or material by for-­hire or private (haul their own goods) in interstatecommerce is required

$1 million

Under the Motor Carrier act of 1980, a minimum of ___ is required for the transportation of otherspecifically defined hazardous wasteand materials, explosives, gas, or radioactive material hauled by for-­hire orprivate carriers.

$5 million

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) has developed an endorsement, ___, which mustbe attached to all motor carriers' policies under its jurisdiction.


What does the Endorsementfor Motor Carrier Policies of Insurance for Public Liability, aka MCS-90, ensure?

This endorsement ensures that motor carrierscomply with the federally mandated coverage for public liability, whichincludes bodily injury, property damage, and environment restoration.

The MCS-90 endorsement does NOT use the word pollutantsbut instead, ___, so the cleanup and mitigation expenses could beincurred for any ___ hauled by a carrier that is introduced into theenvironment.



Under the Oregon Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, what is the minimum amount of liability coverage that may be provided underan auto policy?


shorthandfor $25,000 per injured person in an accident, $50,000 for all injured personsin a single accident, and $20,000 for property damage arising out of anaccident.

Driversconvicted of driving under the influence of intoxicants must have insurance with thefollowing minimum amounts of liability coverage:

___ because of injuries to or death of oneperson in any one accident;

___ because of injuries to or death of twoor more persons in any one accident;

___ because of injury to or destruction ofthe property of others in any one accident. ?




Every motor vehicle liability policy that coversany private passenger motor vehicle must provide Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits to whome?

The person insured under the policy,

Members of that person’s family residing in the same household,

Children not related to the insured by blood, marriage or adoption who are residing in the same household as the insured and being reared as the insured’s own,

Passengers occupying the insured motor vehicle,

Pedestrians struck by the insured motor vehicle.

Failure to show the card upon request by apolice officer is sufficient for a charge of operating a vehicle in violationof the financial responsibility law ­- a ___ traffic violation.

Class B

PIP benefits include the following;

All reasonable and necessary expenses formedical, surgical, hospital, dental, ambulance, and prosthetic servicesincurred within 1 year from the date of an accident, up to ___ perperson. :


PIP benefits include the following;

All reasonablefuneral expenses incurred within ___ of an accident, up to ___

1 year, $5,000

PIP benefits include the following;

If the injured person is unable to work for atleast 14 days, ___ % of lost income, up to ___ per month for a maximum of 52 weeks;


PIP benefits include the following;

Ifthe injured person is unable to work forat least 14 days, up to ___ per day over a maximum of 52 weeks to hire someoneelse to perform the services that the injured person would usually perform


Disagreements between an insured and theinsurance company as to eligibility for coverage or the amount of loss are tobe settled by arbitration.

The two parties will share the arbitration costsbetween them. However, the insured's share of the costs cannotexceed ___.


An injured person who has already received PIPbenefits from his or her insurer must notify the insurer of the decision topursue legal action.

The insurer would then be subrogated to the insured'sright of recovery but must notify the insured within ___ of receiving notice that it intends to exercise this right.

30 days

A vehicle for which there is not collectableliability insurance equal to the state's financial responsibility limit(25/50/20), or for which the insurer denies coverage or becomes insolventwithin ___ of an accident.

2 years

What is a hit-­and­-run vehicle?

A vehicle causing an accident for which the identity of the owner or operator cannot be determined.

For a hit-and-run, the insured must notify the police within ___ following the accident and · file a report with the insurance company within ___ after the accident.

72 hours,

30 days

What is a phantom vehicle?

A vehicle that causes an accident but does not come in contact with the insured vehicle

(e.g., an auto that runs the insured off of the road) and for which the identity of the owner or operator cannot be determined

The minimum limits for ___ coverage are the same asthe state's financial responsibility limits, or 25/50/20.

uninsured motorist (UM)

According to the ___, any aftermarket crash part supplied by anon-original equipment manufacturer must have the name of the manufacturerinscribed on it.

Aftermarket Crash Parts Act

A vehicle is considered totaled if it is stolen and not recovered within ___ or has sustained damage that is not covered by an insurer and that the estimated repair cost is at least ___ of the retail market value of the vehicle prior to the damage.

30 days,


If an insurer declares a vehicle totaled, they must

1. Obtain the title from the vehicle’s owner andsurrender it to the Department of Transportation within ___ of its receipt;

2. Notifythe department that the vehicle is a totaled vehicle within ___ ofdeclaring it totaled

30 days,

30 days,