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Why werent the seventies as prosperous as the 20s or the 50s
5 reasons
-women/teens had fewer skills than male workers. They were less likely to take full time, long-term jobs where skills could be developed
-invest in innovation declined due to the costs of complying w/govt. regulations
-Vietnam drained taxes from needed improvements.
-inflation from rising oil prices
Vietnam+Great society were both inflationary programs however, the supply market remained the same.
-America's competitive advantage was huge after WWII but after Eur. rebuilt the factories w/up-2-date technology they started to dominate fields which the US had led.
Great Society+Vietnam
WWII+rebuilt factories
what was vietnamization
Withdraw troops from Vietnam so the S. Vietnamese could fight their own war
The Nixon doctrine was based off the Vietnamization. What did it say?
The Nixon Doctrine said that the US would provide financial/military aid but NO TROOPS
facts about Vietnam
-The longest conflict in US history
-abt 40,000 killed
-draft policies exempted collge students& men w/critical civilian jobs so the armed forces were made up of the least privileged
What were the reactions to Nixon attacking neutral Cambodia on April 29, 1970 to clean out North Vietnamese forces.
Nixon attacked w/o even consulting Congress and many disliked this. In Kent State university there were riots, and the National Guard fired and killed 4. Nixon had 2 w/draw troops after 2 months and the Gulf Tonkin Resolution was repealed
what amendment lowered the voting age to 18
The 26th amendment lowered the voting age to 18
Ny times published a secret Pentagon study of the Vietnam war. who leaked this document and what did it show?
Daniel Ellsburg leaked the secret Pentagon study of the Vietnam War and it showed the mistakes of the Kennedy&Johnson administration.
What actions helped lead to Detente (relaxed tension)?
-Dr. Henry A. Kissinger met w/N. Vietnamese officials in Paris to negotiate an end to the Vietnam War.
-In 1971 China invites Nixon to visit. nixon also goes to Russia.
What were the results of detente
We get the Anti-ballistic missile Treaty(ABM)which limited each nation to two clusters of defensive missiles& the Soviets received at least 750mill$ worth of wheat.
-SALT (Stretgic Arms Limitation Talks) this would freeze the # of long range nuclear missiles for 5 yrs& both SALT&ABM were ratified in 1971
what in the world is MIRVS
-In spite of these agreements the US developed MIRVS (multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles) which was designed to overcome any defense by concentrating it w/a large # of warheads, several to a rocket. The Soviets followed our lead
What case struck down a state law that prohibited the use of contraceptives, even among married couples.
Grisworld v. Connecticut allowed couples to use contraceptives under the right of privacy
What case determined that public figures could only sue for libel if it could be proven that the libel had been motivated by malice
NY times v. Sullivan was a court case that said public figures could only sue for libel if they could prove malice motivated the libel
What did Roe v. wade do?
Roe V. wade legalized abortion
What was the Philadelphia Plan of 1969
The Philadelphia Plan of 1969 required construction trade unions working on federal contracts in Philadelphia to establish goals and timetables for hiring black apprentices
How did Nixon/court/The Philadelphia Plan change affirmative action and help minorities
They opened up employment/educational opportunities 4 women& minorities since affirmative action originally been intended to protect individuals against discrimination. However, it was turned into a program that conferred privileges on a certain group.
-Grigs v. Duke Power co. in 1971 prohibited intelligence tests/other devices which excluded minorities/women from certain jobs.
How did Detente/ Nixon''s peace talks w/ Russia and China affect his attacks on communist Vietnam
Nixon's peace talks helped since in 1972,after N. Vietnam bombed the DMZ we bombed their capital, Hanoi, we dropped contact mines to blockade principal harbors. Neither country responded due to Nixon's diplomacy
How did Rachel Carson help the environment movement? (1970 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Health Safety Administration)
Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in 1962 which rose awareness about the posionous effects of pesticides and led to EPA in 1970
Nixon was worried about inflation so what did he do about it?
he imposed a wage/price freeze for 90 days in 1971. He took the US off the gold standard& devalued the dollar which ended the Bretton Woods system of international currency stabilization.
What strategy did Nixon devise appeal to white voters?
nixon developed the Southern strategy which would soft pedal civil rights legislation and opposed busing to achieve racial balance
In 1972 S. Dakota Senator McGovern was nominated for the Democrats. What was his platform? Why didnt he win?
In 1972 McGovern promised to pull the troops w/in 90 days however, his appeal to minorities, feminists& leftists alienated the working class& his running mate was pulled off the ticket due to psychiatric care
in 1972 nixon ran for president stating that he had done what?
In 1972 Nixon stated that he had reduced troops from 540,000 troops to 30,000. Dr. Kissinger, secretary of state, agreed saying that "paz is at hand."
What happened on January 23, 1973?
there was a cease-fire in Vietnam in 1973
What scandal is associated w/ CREEP (Committe for the Re-election of the President) and the President?
Watergate, it is also associated w/espsionage, sabotage and raising campaign $$ thru unlawful means
What exactly is Watergate?
In 1972, two months b4 Nixon was reelected, 5 men from CREEP were arrested for burglary(on the files of Dr. Ellsberg's psychiatrist) inside Democratic headquarters w/bugging equipment.
The senate committee, headed by Sam Ervin of NC, conducted televised hearings from 1973-1974 while Nixon claimed he was innocent. What repudiated this?
-John Dean II, a former white house lawyer, testified abt the involvement of top white house officials including,Nixon.
-the presence of bugging equipmentin the oval office that Nixon didnt want to release
VP Andrew Agnew was forced to resign in 1973 since he had avoided taxes, accepted kickbacks as VP/gov. so he was replaced w/ Gerald Ford. How?
Nixon nominated Ford as VP. Then, after investigation, Congress approved of him& he took the oath of office on December 6, 1973.
What was it called when Archibald issued a subpoena for relevent tapes, then,Nixon ordered him fired, however, the general attorney& deputy attorney general were fired since they refused to fire cox
The Saturday Night Massacre was when those 3 guys were fired
What was the war powers act of 1973
it required the president to report to Congress w/in 48hrs of committing troops to a foreign conflict/enlarging American combat units in a foreign conflict
what did the energy crisis lead to
It lead to the building of an expensive Alaska pipeline& a national speed limit of 55 miles to conserve fuel.
what finally made Nixon comply with turning in the tapes? What was he charged with afterwards
The Supreme Court rules that executive privilege wasnt relevant to criminal activity.
Nixon was charged with obstruction of administration of justice, abusing executive power, contempt of congress by ignoring subpoenas.
what were the end results of the Vietnam war?
a bill of 188 billion, 56,000 dead, 300,000 wounded, lost self-esteem, lost confidence in the military and lost economic muscle
what was the Title IX
It was an educational amendment which prohibited sexual discrimination in any federally assisted educational program/activity
what was the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
declared "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the US or any state on account of sex."
what female symbolized the belief that the women's movement was the reason for the rising divorce rate, which tripled between 1960&1976
Phyliss Schlafly, led the campaign to stop the ERA.
what did miliken v. Bradley rule?
Miliken v. Bradley ruled that desegregation plans couldnt require students to move across school district lines, which reinforced the white flight.
Carter and Ford ran in 1976 so who won?
Carter won saying, "I'll never lie to you," he pardoned draft evaders
After retreating to Camp David, Carter made what foreign diplomatic successes?
he improved relations between Egypt& Israel by inviting them to Camp David since Israel agreed to w/draw from conquered territory, and Egypt promised to respect Israel's borders. Then, the pres. resumed diplomatic relations w/china, after a nearly 30 yr stop. Also, he proposed turning over the Panama canal in 2000.
what made gas so expensive in the late 70s
Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, had been installed as Shah of Iran in 1953, he was overthrown& Iranian oil stopped flowing into world commerce. Also, OPEC hiked up oil prices.