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True or False: Timing , pitch, and formant of an audio file can be manipulated independently of others?
True. They can be changed independently or in combination.
Which important aspects of an audio file determines how the Apple Loops Utility manipulates timing?
Transient. Done both automatically and manually (tab to transient).
Which two attributes of a Logic project determine how Apple Loops are conformed?
Which Logic feature is used to exercise detailed control over an audio file's timing and pitch, irrespective of the project's tempo and key?
The Time And Pitch Machine provides this control and function independent of the project's tempo or key.
Which feature of the Time and Pitch Machine lets you adjust the natural resonances (formants) of a given sound?
Harmonic Correction is used during itch shifting to preserve the formants.
Which global tracks let you graphically align Logic's time grid to a rubato part?
The Beat Mapping allows accurate rescalling of the time grid to a rubato part.
True or False: Both audio and MIDI regions can be beat mapped?
Which menu allows you to toggle between multiple tempo "maps"
The Tempo Alternatives menu enables you to toggle among multiple tempo tracks per project.