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Is the mind of a newborn human a blank slate (tabula rasa)?

No, because the human mind has evolved over evolutionary time and shares some characteristics with the minds of other primates.

What is “theistic evolution”?

The belief that God established natural laws (such as natural selection) and then let the universe run on its own, without further supernatural intervention

What is the scientific basis for the research on model organisms (e.g., yeast and mice) that is funded by the National Institutes of Health, with the aim of furthering our understanding of human disease?

Common ancestry

A scientific theory is

a conceptual framework that describes a large body of observations

Which of the following statements about evolutionary science is true?

The fact that evolutionary biologists disagree about a number of matters does not mean that Darwin was wrong.

The release of natural enemies of a pest into the wild is called

biological control. P 628 (LIKE LADYBUGS ;)

It is important to store “germ plasm” banks of different crop strains because

genetic diversity is essential for a population’s long-term success.

In Dover, Pennsylvania, a 2005 court case resulted in a decision against the teaching of intelligent design in schools. Central to the judge’s ruling was the concept that

intelligent design is not a science.

Which of the following is not a good justification for the teaching of evolution

To disprove religious texts

Evolution is an important foundation of which of the following fields?

All of the following:

a. Medicine

b. Psychology

c. Sociology

d. Anthropology

Which of the following does not provide strong evidence for the process of evolution?

The complexity of biological organisms suggests that they have been specially designed.

The most important feature of scientific hypotheses is that they

are testable.

Which of the following is not contested by evolutionary biologists?

The evolution of adaptive characteristics by the action of natural selection on random mutations-they believe this

Which of the following would be a likely response of an evolutionary biologist to the claim that the “orderliness of the universe” is evidence of intelligent design?

The appearance of design to the universe is an emergent property of a random process (mutation) and a nonrandom process (natural selection).

How might vaccine development benefit from evolutionary biology?

Epidemic strains can be predicted by looking for positive selection in virulence genes.