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With the patient in the left lateral decubitus position, what landmark can we use to identify the level of the Confluence of the common iliac into the IVC?

The inferior pole of the right kidney

The walls of the IVC normally appear on ultrasound as?

Muscular and echogenic walls

Intraluminal tumors within the IVC and iliac veins most typically arise from?

The hepatic and renal veins

Which of the following characteristics is primarily observed with only intravascular tumors?

Color flow within the mass with small vessels apparent

If a strut of an IVC filter penetrates the wall of the IVC, What common complications may be seen on ultrasound?


Which two ultrasound findings are observed with spontaneous arotocaval fistulaes?

A tissue bruit and pulsatile flow central to the fistula

Normal portal venous flow systolic velocity range from

10 to 30 centimeters per second

Normal portal vein measures

Less than 13 mm

Postprandially, portal vein velocity :

Increases 50-100 %

During right atrial contraction, which of the following occurs

Retrograde flow in the hepatic vein

Recanalized para umbilical vein is located

At the fissure for the ligamentum teres

Which if the following is not associate with TIPS stenosis?

A focal increase in stent velocity greater than 30 cm/s