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what is the Lecompton constitution
in 1857 Kansas had enuf ppl to apply for statehood.ppl were allowed to vote for or against the constitution w/ or w/o slavery. if they voted against slavery one its provisions would protect slaveowners
slaveowners win no matter what
100 ppl were murdered at Bleeding Kansas
In 1856 Charles Sumner delivered, "The Crime Against Kansas" he insulted proslavery men and rudely referred to the loved SC senator, Andrew Butler. SC Congressman felt upset so he beat Sumner with his cane
who did the Know-Nothing Party elect?
Millard Fillmore
who won in 1856 and why
they chose buchanan over Fremont since a "black" republican would have meant war.
what was the panic of 1837
1)overspeculation in RR
2)inflation of cali. gold
3)previous wars had overstimulated the need for grain
why was the homestead Act vetoed considering it was so beneficial to soo many
Industrialists feared that the cheap land would draw their workers away. also, more free land meant more free soilers
what said that no matter how the court rules popular sovereignty was what would happen
freeport doctrine
what was lincolns platform
1)no extension of slavery
2) RR
3) internal improvements