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significant loss in hearing associated with senescence, usually not apparent until after 60

causes of infertility

1/3 of time the cause is the man, 1/3 cause is woman.


Disease, smoking, obesity

PID (in women)


around age 50, women's menstrual periods cease and production of estrogen drops

Hormone Replacement Therapy

taking hormones to compensate for hormone reduction. HRT is most common in women in menopause or after removal or ovaries


drop in testosterone levels in older men, which usually reduces sex drive and muscle mass

DALYs (disability adjusted life years)

a measure of the reduced quality of life caused by disability


measure of health that refers to how healthy and energetic and individual actually feels


way of comparing mere survival without vitality to survival with good health. full year of health is a full QALY

midlife crisis

supposed period of unusual anxiety, radical self examination, and sudden transformation that was once widely associated with middle age

big 5

five basic clusters of personality traits that remain stable throughout adulthood:


Conscientiousness- organized, self-discipine

Extroversion-outgoing, active

Agreeableness-king, easygoing, helpful

Neuroticism-anxious, moody, critical

ecological niche

particular lifestyle and social context that adults settle into

fictive kin

someone who has become accepted as part of family to which he/she has no blood relation

generativity vs stagnation

Erikson's 7th stage of development. Adults seek to be productive in a caring way

fraction of adults that become adoptive/step/foster parents

1/3 of all north american adults


caregiver who takes responsibility for maintaining communication among family members.

sandwich generation

generation of middle aged people who are supposedly "squeezed" by the needs of the younger and older family memebers